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What is the meaning of purpose if purpose has no meaning?

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That is a trick question and purpose does have a meaning.

If purpose has no meaning, then the meaning of purpose is the subjective experience of seeking a reason to defend the ego against assault.

this is very complicated


Hey, I may add this to the guy up there.

What's the purpose of breathing?

To live.

What's the purpose of playing?

To have fun.

What's the purpose of living?

To make a difference.

What's the purpose of purpose?

To have a reason. To have an opinion.



There is no purpose that has no meaning.

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What is the meaning of purpose?

Much the same as the purpose of meaning. The purpose of meaning is to find the answer to your question. Thereby knowing the meaning will give you the purpose.

What is the meaning of purpose if the purpose has no meaning?

A purpose needn't have a meaning as it is a way of obtaining an object. It would be the object that would have or have not a meaning. purpose don't have any meaning as it itself is a meaning answered by vanshikha

What is the meaning of 'expressed purpose' vs. 'express purpose'?

The meaning of expressed purpose vs. express purpose are quite simple. They vary only in the tense that they are presented in.

What is the purpose and meaning of sacred music?

The purpose and meaning of sacred music is to give reverence and adoration to a supernatural being. This is considered to be a form of worship.

What is the purpose of a suffix?

To change the meaning of a word.

How do you spell purpuse?

Purpose meaning reason.

What is the meaning for deliberate?

On purpose or done intentionally.

What is the meaning of useful?

When something has a specific purpose.

What is the difference between existentialism and nihilism?

Nihilism claims that there is no meaning or purpose in life. Existentialism claims that there is meaning and purpose in your life inso far as you determine it for yourself.

What is the definition of purpose in poetry?

Purpose means the true meaning, what the poem means in poetic terms

What is thought with meaning?

Thought must have a purpose or it becomes an endless loop. When you think, do so with purpose.

What does integrity do for you?

It gives me confidence that what I am doing, has purpose and meaning.

The purpose of a paraphrase is to?

To clarify the meaning of a sentence or passage.

What the example of spiritual health?

purpose and meaning in your life

Why do you like religion?

It gives you purpose and your life meaning.

What is the purpose of paraphrasing?

To clarify the meaning of a sentence or passage

What do humans live for?

There is no inherent meaning to human life. Thus, we create our own meaning & purpose.

What is the purpose of figurative language?

To illuminate meaning and enhance understanding.

Is the word purpose an adjective?

No; purpose is a noun, meaning 'a reason for something'.The adjectival form would be purposeful, or a hyphenated form such as purpose-driven.

Tattoo with meaning of life and death?

life is when someone is born to fufill a purpose when your purpose is fufilled you will die.

What was the purpose of building the iPod?

what was the purpose of the ipod who invented the ipod when did they invented the ipod the purpose of building the ipod was for people to listen to the meaning of a song. and have fun.

What is the meaning of divices?

The meaning of devices refers to objects or things that are made with a specific purpose in mind, such as a computer.

What is another meaning for stable?

sturdy, firm, or steady in purpose.

Who is the owner of CODSOTD?

This question is irrelevant to the meaning and/or purpose of life.

What is the meaning of purpose-bred?

Bred for a particular use.

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