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What is the meaning of snug tight?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-21 18:37:43

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Its tighter than finger tight, but not as tight as torqued on. Its tight enough that the bolt or nut wont loosen in regular use.

Actually, what is probably a more inclusive answer would be:

The 2004 RCSC Specification defines a snug-tightened joint as a joint in which the bolts have been installed in accordance with Section 8.1." Note that no specific level of installed tension is required to achieve this condition, which is commonly attained after a few impacts of an impact wrench or the full effort of an ironworker with an ordinary spud wrench. The plies should be in firm contact, a condition that means the plies are solidly seated against each other, but not necessarily in continuous contact.

2009-10-21 18:37:43
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Q: What is the meaning of snug tight?
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What is a synonym for snug?

A snug fit is a tight fit or if you say you are nice and snug in your blanket, that means you are cozy.

What is an antonym for snug?

loose not tight

How tight should football pants be?

They should be snug, as in tight but not tight to the point you feel uncomfortable.

Word for tight with 4 letters?


What should the torque be on a brake chambing ring?

Tight is tight... get it snug, roll with it.

How is snug tight defined for direct tension indicators?

Snug tight for direct tension indicators means tight but not binding. It would be like tightening something with the hand as much as a person can without a wrench.

What is the meaning of the phrase pen rest snug as a gun?

Perfect or comfortable is the meaning behind snug as a gun.

How tight should the right size condom fit?

pretty much not to loose not to tight just snug

What does pull the knot snug mean?

The term means 'to pull the knot up tight, but not TOO tight'.

In general a splint should be?

snug, but not so tight that it slows circulation

What is another metaphor for tight as a drum?

Wrapped up snug as an eskimo baby.

Do power balance bands have to be tight around your wrist to work?

They should be snug, but not too tight. If they're moving around, then they don't work as well.

Is tight an adjective?

Yes, it is. The adjective can mean firmly in place, taut, snug, difficult, or stingy.

What the meaning of a snugly?

The mood of where you find yourself snug

What is the definition of the word snug?

Snug is a definition that is commonly used in the English vocabulary. The definition of the word snug has several meanings. One specific meaning is comfortable, warm and well protected.

How tight should the spark plugs be on a suzuki gsxr 1000?

snug or 10 to 12 ft lb.

What are loose jeans?

Just what it sounds like: jeans that are loose, i.e. jeans that aren't snug and tight.

Kick back on lawn mower engine?

Make absolutely sure that the blade nut is really tight not snug.

What is the spark plug torque to apply when replacing spark plugs on a 1995 firebird 3.4L engine?

Not to tight just snug

Is there a word that starts with n that means a good fit?

Yes! In fact the word "nudge" means a snug and tight fit.

What is the Bolt pattern for 06 buick lucerne?

Assuming you mean for the wheels..... start with any one, and just snug it, go around the wheel studs, skip the next one, snug the next, skip the next, and snug the next, until they are all snug. Then using a torque wrench, do the same...torque every second one to 100lb, until they are all tight.

Are tight and loose examples of homonyms?

No; as opposites, tight and loose are examples of antonyms.Tight (meaning restrictive) and tight (meaning drunk) are homonyms, as would be right and write. A homonym is a word that sounds or is spelled the same, but has a completely different meaning.

What is the meaning of the word loose?

Something that is not tight.Loose, which rhymes with moose, is an adjective meaning not tight, not dense, or free from constraint.

What word can replace snug?

warm If snug is in snug fit then close.

What torque should the bolts be on the transmission pan for a 2002 Nissan Maxima 3.5?

There will a torque setting but just make sure they are tight. Not super tight or anything just snug them up and they give it a little more. They dont need to be on tight seeing as how thin the bolts are they will break.