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What is the meaning of the 5 point star on a house?


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May 19, 2013 2:39AM

I believe the stars you are talking about are actually support structures. If so, they occur in areas at high risk to hurricanes -often those near the ocean. They are actually put there as decoration to hide the bolts that protrude from the building to attach crosswise support beams to the house. These are to create a solid center for the building to be flexible around in the high winds of a hurricane.


These stars are usually found on older structures. Basically it serves as a washer to spread the load over a larger area. It is placed at the end of a rod, often to tie a wood floor system to the outside masonry wall. In this case they will appear at the level of the second floor. If there are more than two floors, there may be another set at the third floor level. The star shape is merely a means to make it look better than a flat plate.