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It is a common misconception that the position of the horse's legs in a military hero's statue signifies how the rider died; i.e. both legs raised means that the rider was killed in battle, one leg raised means the rider died later of wounds caused in battle, all four legs on the ground means the rider died of natural causes.

This is not correct, however. There are two prime examples which refute this explanation. The well-known statue of Andrew Jackson in New Orleans (duplicated in Nashville and Washington, D.C.) in which the horse has two legs raised, yet Jackson died of old age in 1845, and the statue of Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard (who commanded the forces which fired on Ft. Sumter to start the Civil War), also in New Orleans, in which the horse has one leg raised, yet General Beauregard also died of old age in 1893. In these statues, both Jackson and Beauregard are dressed in full military uniform.

Undoubtedly there are instances where the position of the horses legs might seem to confirm such significance, but these are merely coincidental, not a rule.

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What is the Greek word for knight?

The greek word for knight is HIPPEASTRUM HIPPEA probably meaning horse and ASTRUM meaning (surprisingly) star. A horse star, a higher level horse hero.

Who built a statue depicting the biblical hero David?

Michelangelo sculpted the statue of David.

What is communicated by the statue of a hero painting piece of furniture?

a statue symbolizes the bravery of a man. It giving us an idea to make good things anywhere, everywhere. It tells us to nationalize, and keeping us to remember what does that statue of a hero did right.

Why was the Statue of David built?

To represent the Old Testament hero.

Who rode the horse called Hero?

The Phantom has two helpers, a mountain wolf called Devil, and a horse named Hero.

Can you give a sentence using the word hero?

The hero of the story was not very likeable. The rescue of the family from the fire made the dog a hero. The statue celebrated the hero and his actions.

What is the meaning of an unsung hero?

A Hero nobody sings about.

What is the adjective of hero?

The adjective meaning "of or like a hero" is heroic.

What is the meaning of the nickname Hero of Appomattox?

The president is the hero of appomattox.

Why was David the sculpture called David?

The statue represents the Biblical hero David.

What is the name of the Phantoms horse?

The name of The Phantoms horse is 'Hero' and his dog is called 'Devil'.

Why did Michelangelo name his statue David?

Because it depicts David, the hero from the Old Testament.

Who Sculpted a marble statue of david that stands 14ft tall?

David was sculpted by Michelangelo during the renaissance. The statue is a representation of the biblical hero David. The statue is one of the most recognized sculptures in the world.

What are the release dates for My Hero - 1952 Horse Trail 1-7?

My Hero - 1952 Horse Trail 1-7 was released on: USA: 20 December 1952

How often does horse stealing happen?

horse steeling does not happen very much. but if your horse is some racing or show jumping hero the horse is more likely to get stolen.

What did David Lloyd George do that was unsuccessful?

Nothing big dlg was a hero. In the words of fable 3 all prime ministers say to his statue "teach me to be a hero"

Oldest horse to win a group 1?

This horse is called John Henry (after the folk hero) and he was 9 when he won.

Which Greek hero slew the Chimeara?

Bellerophon with help from the horse Pegasus.

What actors and actresses appeared in An Equine Hero - 1910?

The cast of An Equine Hero - 1910 includes: Don Fulano the Horse

Whose statue is in trafalgar square?

The larger than life statue in Trafalgar Square in London is Admiral Horatio Nelson. He was a British naval hero who led the victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Is what a work of art is about its meaning or message?

No, that is usually referred to as subject matter. A meaning or message in a work of art is more subjective, that is it can be different to different people. A simple example is the statue of 'David' by Michaelangelo. The subject matter is a young David at the moment before he slays Goliath. A meaning or message of the work could be the super human qualities of a hero.

What is the meaning of prativ?

The word 'Pravit' means 'hero

Why was Alexander the great became a hero?

Alexander became a hero, when he tamed the wild horse which no one could tame , at his fathers Kig Philips court. Alexander noticed thhat the horse was scared of its own shadow , so he calmly took it and let the shadow fall on the back of the horse. And the horse became tame. It was this horse that took Alexander on the wars to conquer the world.

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