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If u mean d brail then it says a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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Q: What is the meaning of the Mt. Ember symbols in Pokemon Fire Red?
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Where to get fire Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed version?

mt. ember

Where can you catch fire type Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Mt. Ember.

How do you beat Gastly in Pokemon?

If you have a fire pokemon that knows ember use that!

When does Herdier learn ember in Pokemon black or white?

Can't, Ember is Fire and the Herdier is Normal

In Pokemon fire red where is the ember trail near?

Ember Trail is near Mt. Ember, where Moltres is. Ember Trail is also located on One Island.

Where do you find fire Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

Fire Pokemon can be found in the grass and in Mt Ember up from Mauville City mainly. On 1 island.

What do you do with ember in Pokemon Yellow?

It is a fire type Pokemon move that inflicts damage, It has a power level of 40 It is the weakest fire type move that is perfect for low level fire Pokemon.

Do you need to do anything at the braille in mt ember in Pokemon fire red?

No you don't.

Where do you fi moltrease in Pokemon fire red version?

At the top of Mt Ember.

Where do you get the legendary bird Pokemon moltres in Pokemon Fire-Red?

you get it in one island in mt. ember

Where do you can catch best fire Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

You can catch Moltres at Mt. Ember Peak in FireRed.

How do you catch Moltres in Pokemon Fire Red?

go to mt ember on the top is moltres

What is in mt ember in Pokemon FireRed?

the legendary fire bird moltres at lv 50

Pokemon Red fire version what to find moltres?

Moltres is a legendary Pokemon from the first generation of games. It is a Fire and Flying type and can be encountered in Pokemon FireRed in Mt. Ember.

What do you do after you defeat the elite four on Pokemon fire red?

You can go to Mt. Ember and get the ruby.give it to celio

What are great nicknames for fire type Pokemon?

inferno and flame and ect. blaze fire ember things that have things to do with fire you can name it sprinkles if you wanted to

What are the fire attacks in Pokemon black?

Fire blitz,turbo blaze,fire spin,flame wheel,ember,heat crash and lastly flamethrower

Where are the fire Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

There is no specific spot where fire types appear there scattered around kanto however one specific spot where most fire types appear is mt ember.

Where is the red sapphire in Pokemon Fire?

at the cave in mt. ember where there is two rocket guys waiting for you (mt. ember is above 1 island (need surf))

How can you get fire element?

catch a Pokemon like Ninetales, Vulpix, or teach a fire type move like Ember, or Flamethrower from a TM.

Were do you get Moltres in Pokemon Fire Red?

Moltres is found at the top of Mt. Ember in Island #1 Jean

How do you get pass the man guarding the dotted hole in Pokemon fire red?

get the ruby and sapphire in mt. ember

How do you get legendary fire bird in Pokemon FireRed?

Moltres, the legendary fire bird, is found deep inside Mt. Ember, in the Sevii Islands.

Where to find fire Pokemon in red version?

The Pokemon Mansion on Cinnibar Island, and after you beat the Elite Four, Mt. Ember of the Sevvii Islands.

What is an example of a sentence using the word ember?

The dying fire had only one ember in it. The ember went out as the wind carried it from the fire. When a forest is very dry, it only takes the ember from a cigarette to start a huge forest fire.