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Steelmark to Steelers The Pittsburgh Steelers have not always been the Steelers. Originally founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates by Arthur (Art) Joseph Rooney on July 8, 1933, the Steelers changed their name in 1940 in an attempt to generate some fan support and involvement. Fans were encouraged to send their suggestions to the team; several nominated the winning name Steelers to reflect the city's primary source of employment, winning season tickets for their suggestion. The famous three-star Pittsburgh Steelers logo was a bit longer in coming, however. Helmet logos first became popular in 1948 when the Los Angeles Rams became the first team to use an insignia or logo on its helmet. Rams player, Fred Gehrke, was also an artist and spent all of his free time that season hand-painting the distinctive Ram horns on 70 leather helmets. The next year, Riddell, manufacturer of the famous plastic football helmet still in use today, agreed to bake the design into the helmet, prompting other teams to gradually add logos of their own. The Steelers' only concession to the new logo craze, however, was to add the players' numbers and a black stripe to their distinctive gold helmets. In 1962, Republic Steel of Cleveland approached the Steelers and suggested that they consider the Steelmark, the insignia used by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), as a helmet logo to honor Pittsburgh's steel heritage. The Steelmark logo, a circle enclosing three hypocycloids (diamonds with inward-curving edges) and the word STEEL, was created by U.S. Steel Corp. (now known as USX Corp.) to educate consumers about the importance of steel in their daily lives. [blockquote]The colors were chosen to promote the attributes for steel: yellow lightens your work; orange brightens your leisure; and blue widens your world. The logo's meaning was later amended to represent the three materials used to produce steel: yellow for coal; orange for iron ore; and blue for steel scrap.[/blockquote] The Steelers liked the idea presented by Republic Steel, despite the fact that the company was located in the city of their bitterest rival, the Cleveland Browns, and proudly sported the new logo on their helmets for the 1962 season. After qualifying that year for their first-ever postseason game, they changed the color of their helmets from gold to solid black, which also served to highlight the new logo they felt had brought them good luck. The new Steelmark logo was originally only applied to one side of the helmet (the right side) by equipment manager Jack Hart because the Steelers were uncertain how it would look on their solid gold helmets. Even when they later switched their helmet color to solid black, they decided to permanently retain the logo on just the one side due to the team's new success and the interest generated by the logo's uniqueness. The Steelers are now the only team in the NFL to sport its logo on only one side of the helmet. One last change occurred to the logo in 1963 when the Steelers petitioned the AISI to allow them to change the word 'Steel' inside the Steelmark to 'Steelers.' The Steelers later added the gold stripe and player numbers and changed the face masks from grey to black, but otherwise the helmet has remained virtually unchanged since 1963. The interest generated by having the logo on only one side of their helmets along with the team's new success (they were 9-5 after many years of losing seasons), the Steelers decided to leave the helmet that way permanently. The Steelers logo hasn't changed since, fitting for a football team that values consistency and tradition Source: pittsburgh.about.com
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What do the stars in the Pittsburgh Steelers emblem represent?

The three shapes in the Steel mark logo are called hypocycloids. They represent the three major components of steelmaking, and have become more closely related to the professional football team than with the original company! I am a lifelong Steelers fan. I was always under the impression that tho ( Full Answer )

Why is there an emblem on only one side of the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet?

Click on the links below to find out about the history of the Steelers logo. . The Steelers are the only NFL Team that sports their logo on only one side of the helmet. At first, this was a temporary measure because the Steelers weren't sure they would like the look of the logo on an all-gold helme ( Full Answer )

What does the Pittsburgh Steelers logo mean?

Pittsburgh Steelers logo The team logo, introduced in 1962, is based on the old U.S. Steel logo. It consists of the word "Steelers" surrounded by three astroids (hypocycloids of four cusps). The yellow hypocycloid represents coal, the orange one is for ore, and the blue one represents steel scrap. ( Full Answer )

Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers?

They are a football team in the National Football League. No otherteam in sports comes close to how they are and are going to be. Their name came from the old steel industry during the industrialrevolution. They had the largest steel production. The Steelers are an AFC NFL team from Pittsburgh, P ( Full Answer )

What is a steeler as in Pittsburgh Steelers?

A Steeler was someone who worked in the steel mills. Pittsburgh is famous for their steel production and terrible sports teams (Pittsburgh Power- AFL, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates.) They also are robbers which is weird because they can never "steel" a win. They lose t ( Full Answer )

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers before they were called the Steelers?

When Pittsburgh joined the NFL in 1933, they were called the Pittsburgh Pirates . The name was changed to Steelers in 1940. Answer During WWII they also formed a team the with the Eagles for one season and were called the Steagles. Pittsburgh Steelers won the 2008-2009 superbowl... i myself live ( Full Answer )

What does the Dec 16 2007 loss mean for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

It means that the Steelers will be in closer competition for the AFC North Divisional title against the Cleveland Browns, and if they can't win that, they will still need to win their next 2 games to secure a wild card spot. The Steelers' performance shows that the Steelers will need to work on what ( Full Answer )

Pittsburgh Steelers born in Pittsburgh?

Well. I don't know what you mean by that. So most people couldn't help; the Pittsburgh Steeler's Players werent all born in Pittsburgh.

What are the colors on the emblem of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The three hypocycloids located in the Steelers circular emblem are the three colors that represent the ingredients used in the steel making process. ( Yellow ) stands for coal , ( Orange ) stands for iron ore and ( Blue ) stands for steel scrap .

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers emblem called?

The teams emblem is the Steelmark logo . It was created by U.S. Steel and it belongs to the American Iron and Steel Institute. In 1962, Republic Steel of Cleveland suggested the Steelers use the insignia as a logo to honor Pittsburgh's steel heritage.

What is the significance of the Pittsburgh Steelers emblem?

\nThe Steelers emblem is derived from the industrial symbol for steel. Known as the Steelmark, the symbol was created by US Steel. The three diamonds are representative of the materials used in steel making - yellow for iron, blue for carbon, and red for heat (or alternatively, yellow for coal, or ( Full Answer )

How much does Pittsburgh profit from the Pittsburgh Steelers?

According to recent estimates by the NFL Players Union, the city stands to lose as much as $160 million dollars in taxes and job revenue if there is a full lockout next season, but that number seems high and they didn't reveal how they calculated it. By comparison, calculations after the fact rev ( Full Answer )

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers draft in 2010?

Round 1 - Maurkice Pouncey - C/G (Florida) . Round 2 - Jason Worilds - OLB (Virginia Tech) . Round 3 - Emmanuel Sanders - WR (SMU) . Round 4 - Thaddeus Gibson - OLB (Ohio State) . Round 5 - Chris Scott - OT (Tennessee) . Round 5 - Crezdon Butler - CB (Clemson) . Round 5 - Stevenson Sylvester - ( Full Answer )

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers in 1979?

The Steelers starting linebackers in 1979 were Jack Ham, Jack Lambert and Dirt Winston. They were backed up by Robin Cole, Loren Toews, Zack Valentine and Tom Graves. Robin Cole started in Super Bowl XIV, replacing the injured Jack Ham.

Who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009?

September 20 - Chicago Bears (17-14) . September 27 - Cincinnati Bengals (23-20) . November 15 - Cincinnati Bengals (18-12) . November 22 - Kansas City Chiefs (27-24) OT . November 29 - Baltimore Ravens (20-17) OT . December 6 - Oakland Raiders (27-24) . December 10 - Cleveland Browns (13-6)

What was the Pittsburgh Steelers best season?

The Steelers best season, as far as their record, was 2004, they went 15-1 and lost the championship game. The Steelers best seasons were when they won the Super Bowl. The 1974, 1975, 1978, 1979, 2005 and 2008 seasons.

What decades were the Pittsburgh Steelers good?

The Steelers were known as the team of the decade for the 1970's, winning four Super Bowls. They have also been very good in the 2000's, winning their fifth and sixth Super Bowl championships.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to in 2010?

October 3rd - Baltimore Ravens . October 31st - New Orleans Saints . November 14th - New England Patriots . December 19th - New York Jets The Steelers also lost to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV, which concluded the 2010 season.

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to in 2009?

The Steelers lost the following seven games in 2009: . September 20th - Chicago Bears (17-14) . September 27th - Cincinnati Bengals (23-20) . November 15th - Cincinnati Bengals (18-12) . November 22nd - Kansas City Chiefs (27-24) OT . November 29th - Baltimore Ravens (20-17) OT . Dec ( Full Answer )

How did the Pittsburgh Steelers get their logo colors?

Originally founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates by Arthur (Art) Joseph Rooney on July 8, 1933, the Steelers changed their name in 1940 in an attempt to generate some fan support and involvement. Fans were encouraged to send their suggestions to the team; several nominated the winning name Steelers to r ( Full Answer )

Were the Pittsburgh Steelers always named the Steelers?

No, they were not. The Steelers were originally known as the Pirates. . Pittsburgh Pirates - (1933-1939) . Pittsburgh Steelers - (1940-1942) . Phil-Pitt "Steagles" - (1943) . Card-Pitt - (1944) . Pittsburgh Steelers - (1945-present)