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What is the meaning of the five pointed star tattoo?



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Star light, what does it mean tonight!

First off which 5 pointed. star do you speak of?

- If it is the common nautical star with the lines inside spreading radially out to separate it in equal portions.

Then that is a nautical star used on naval and maritime maps. Back in the day it meant the wearer had some attachment to the sea. be it job, pleasure or hobby. The nautical stars were used to mark ports on the map items of special interest and so on.

Pentagram (5 pointed star with one point up, usually depicted within a circle)

- If you are speaking of what a lot of folks refer to as a wiccan star then we have a whole different meaning. I will do by borrowing from The Cauldron: a Pagan Forum

- The pentagram has long been associated with mystery and magic. It is

the simplest form of star shape that can be drawn unicursally - with a

single line - hence it is sometimes called the Endless Knot. Other

names are the Goblin's Cross, the Pentalpha, the Witch's Foot, the

Devil's Star and the Seal of Solomon (more correctly attributed to the


It has long been believed to be a potent protection against evil and

demons, hence a symbol of safety, and was sometimes worn as an amulet

for happy homecoming. The old folk-song : "Green Grow the

Rushes,O!" refers to the use of the pentagram above doors and

windows in the line: "Five is the symbol at your door."

- The potency and associations of the pentagram have evolved throughout

history. Today it is an ubiquitous symbol of neo-pagans with much

depth of magical and symbolic meaning.

The Satanic Star (5 pointed star with one point down within or without a circle)

Satanists use the inverted cross or pentagram as their symbol.

Another Meaning of five pointed star - Pentagram

I have always heard that the founders of America chose the five pointed star because it is a symbol of the Biblical prophecy of Isaiah 9:6 and that the star represented the star that shown over Bethlehem at Christmas. The five points of the star that the wise-men followed had the meaning that the Messiah would be:

1. Wonderful

2. Counselor

3. Mighty God

4. Everlasting Father

5. Prince of peace