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This is a metaphor. It can't be an idiom because you can figure out the meaning.

Flies represents anything you want to achieve. Honey (sweet) represents anything pleasant that you do to get what you want. Vinegar (sour) represents anything unpleasant that you do to get what you want. It tells you to use nice methods rather than unkind methods in dealing with other people.

This is a saying that means: you will be more successful in life being sweeter, or nice rather than being, mean to people, not nice and doing hurtful, dishonest things in life.

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Because flys like Honey which is weet but they dont like vinegar

It means that more can be accomplished by being pleasant than by being disagreeable. Ex) Ask her nicely. Remember, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Them saying is you can catch more flies with honey.

If you are a happy, nice person you are more likely to have more friends than an angry or sad person. Honey is sweet but vinegar is not.

Remember the old saying "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar" It's true: flies recoil from vinegar. So the next time you're having a picnic, wipe the table with undiluted white vinegar before you set up.

"Tart words make no friends" and "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar" are figures of speech. They imply that you will not make anybody like you by being short or rude. Kindness makes friends.

No. The saying is "catch more bees with sugar than with vinegar". No one wants to catch flies. They're useless and annoying, not to mention dirty. But bees, on the other hand, can make you honey, which rhymes with money :) bling bling!!!


The phrase I've heard is slightly different: "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar", which means being sweet-tempered will get you what you want sooner than being sour-tempered. ...which begs the question: Why would you want bees in the first place?

sorry i have also been trying to figure this one out I believe this was first coined by St. Francis de Sales

bug zapper. "You're better cathing flies with honey than vinegar." reverse that quote.

When you add vinegar with honey, the honey goes to the bottom and the vinegar rises while some particles of the honey are trying to go above the vinegar but, most of it are at the bottom because of the heavy weight and the thickness of the honey compared to the vinegar. ( Im only in Gr. 8 ) (TRY IT!) : - ) peace out Jordan i love you

This is not an idiom. Idioms make no sense unless you know the meaning already. This makes perfect sense. It is a proverb or saying. If you have something sweet, you'll be able to attract more attention than if you have something sour.

The best way to deal with an angry customer is to speak to them with a calm friendly voice. Listen to their complaint and show true sympathy. As the old saying goes - you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

There are lots of different types of vinegar such as: coconut vinegar, honey vinegar cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, and white vinegar.

if the egg will soaked in the vinegar it will be bigger and if you put the egg soaked in vinegar in the honey the egg will be smaller

Honey draws more flies than vinegar. There is company called "RESCUE!", offering reusable fly traps for house flies, false stable flies, blowflies, flesh flies, face flies, and blue green bottle flies, but it kills your specimens.

Gerard W. Bancks has written: 'The production of vinegar from honey' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Honey, Vinegar

Flies are attracted to honey because of the sugar in it. Flies will eat nearly anything that is available to them.

brown rice vinegar OR Chinese black vinegar (cheaper) OR red wine vinegar + sugar or honey OR sherry vinegar OR fruit vinegar

The old adage about attracting more flies with honey than with vinegar doesn't hold for fruit flies. They are attracted to vinegar because it usually indicates fermenting fruit. They taste their food with their feet before they eat. Like most other flies with sponging mouthparts, they first moisten the food with digestive enzymes before they lap it up.

You use something sweet like sugar or honey. This weakens the strength of the acids in the vinegar.

you have a chance to get them when you use honey on honey trees.

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