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What is the meaning of the idiom 'in your face'?

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2011-09-10 17:08:13

This term gives you a clear mental image of someone standing too

close to you, staring aggressively into your face or shoving

something in front of your face, and that's what it means. You say

that someone was "in your face," when they were acting aggressively

and forcing you to look at something or talk about something or

deal with something that you really didn't want to have to think

about. This can also be used like, "I told you so." Meaning that

you were right and the other person is wrong, but the "In your

face" version is used to 'rub in' the fact that the other person

is/was wrong, but to a higher extent as "I told you so."

It means to go through any challenge or problem that you have.

"Face the music" means you are responsible for your actions and

the repercussions of those actions. If you do something wrong, the

blame is on you.

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