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"Obama" is a name from the Luo ethnic group of southwestern Kenya, where Barack Obama, Sr. was born. It was originally the given name of Barack Obama's great-grandfather. It is based on the Luo (technically, Dholuo, the name of the language of the Luo) word bam, which means "crooked, slightly bending."

The prefix O- means "he," and many Luo male names begin with it. Since most traditional Luo names were given by the baby's mother referring to something about the child's birth, the best guess is that when Obama's great-grandfather was born, one of his arms or legs looked slightly bent. Email rumors have charged that U.S. President Barack Obama is a practing Muslim -- a rumor that has since been proven false. However, President Obama does have an unusual name, which reflects his African Muslim heritage. He was reportedly named after his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.
The president's first name, Barack, is a Swahili name that has its origins in Arabic. The original Arabic root of the name (B-R-K) means "blessed." In Arabic, the root word is used in many other phrases to denote blessings and to describe people who are blessed:
  • Mabruk! = "Congratulations!"
  • Barakallah feek = "May God bless you"
  • Barakah = blessings from God (feminine version of the name)

Obama's middle name is Hussein, which was his grandfather's first name. The name, of Arabic origin, means "good" or "handsome one." It is common in Muslim cultures for children (both boys and girls) to have a middle name, which directly connects them to their father or grandfather.
Obama's surname is not uncommon among the Luo tribe, one of the three largest ethnic groups in Kenya. They speak the Dhoulou language.
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What does the name Obama mean?

In Persian or Farsi ( The actual language of Iran and some other countries around Iran) O bama means He with us which most of the time used for saying that the God is always with us.

Where can you go to find the meaning of Obama?

Obama is surname based on a given name from the Dholuo language spoken by the Luo people of Kenya. It is based on the verb "bam" meaning "bent", and probably refers either to an infant's arm or leg looking bent just after birth, or to the birth itself having been in the breech position.

Obamas childrens and wifes names?

Alia and Sasha. also his wifes name is Michelle if you care But I do becauseBrack is off the hissle!!! machelle could also be known as the first lady or first ladymachelle

What does 'Barack Obama' mean?

The name Barack is an Arabic word meaning "blessed." It is related to a similar word in Hebrew, Baruch. The name "Obama" is a proper name that comes from his biological father's ancestral group in Kenya. Although President Obama was born in Hawaii and lived there for many years, he was named after h ( Full Answer )

What does Barack Obamas name mean?

The first name, "Barack", means "blessed" and it's of semetic origin. In modern times, it's usually not typical for us in North America to find a fitting name any more. Not one in 10 really know the meaning or the language their name comes from. There are many websites that offer etymologies to name ( Full Answer )

What does Obama mean in Hebrew?

Obama is not of Hebrew origin and has no meaning in Hebrew First, it should be noted that "Obama" is not a Hebrew word, nor isit a word in Swahili or most other languages. It is a name that wasused by certain members of the Luo tribe in Kenya (Mr. Obama's dadwas a member of that ethnic group). Some ( Full Answer )

What does Obama mean in Swahili?

Swahili, a Hamitic language is made up of many words derived from various Hamitic and Semitic origins. Barack means "that one" in Swahili. In ancient Hebrew, General Barak (Barack) commanded the army of the Biblical Deborah. In 1200 B.C. Barack led the army that defeated General Sisera's Canaanite a ( Full Answer )

What does Barack Obama name mean in swanhili?

Barack Obama. Sometimes people use names to identify themselves. That is one of them.. ------------. The name Barack is Arabic and means "blessed." In Swahili, I believe the name would be pronounced Baraka, which means "blessing.". -------------. barack name means "blessed by god" in arabic.

What does Barack Obama mean?

The name Barack is an Arabic name meaning "blessed." Obama is an ethnic name common to a particular Kenyan clan or ancestral group, and it does not seem to have any specific meaning in the Luo language.

What does Yes we can mean to you from Barack Obama?

The slogan "Yes we can" represents the fact that anything is possible in America, that anyone who works hard is capable of achieving big things. It's also about being a part of a social movement for change-- hence the use of the word "we"-- all of us, working together, can bring about positive chang ( Full Answer )

Obama named mean?

Obama is surname based on a given name from the Dholuo language spoken by the Luo people of Kenya it is based on the verb "bam".

What does obama mean in Christian dictionaries?

It doesn't have a meaning-- there is an internet myth that Christian dictionaries or Christian bibles predict the president or give a warning about him. Neither of these things is true. the word "Obama" is a family last name that certain members of his father's ethnic group had in Kenya. It does not ( Full Answer )

What does 'No Drama Obama' mean?

The nickname "No Drama Obama" began as a point of contrast between Barack Obama and John McCain because of his calm and even temperament and his "cool" and "unflappable" demeanor. According to WikiPedia, when speaking in support of Barack Obama in March 2008, retired Air Force Chief of Staff General ( Full Answer )

What does Obama name mean?

The name 'Obama' originated from Africa. \nIt means 'bent or crooked'. \nIt was Barack Obama's grandfathers given name.

In Arabic what does the name Obama mean?

Obama is a Kenyan surname and therefore has no meaning in Arabic. If it means anything, it would mean something in Swahili or a local Kenyan language. In Arabic, his name is simply transliterated as Ubaamaa (أوباما).

What does Barack Obama mean in Hebrew?

The president's name Barack corresponds to the Hebrew word Barukh (ברוך) which means "blessed". The Hebrew word Baraq (ברק) means lightning, and is not related to Barack. Another Hebrew word is sometimes used to link his surname Obama to the Hebrew word Bamah, however it is a ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Obamas grandparents names?

Grandfather - Fathers side - Hussein Onyango Obama Grandmother - Fathers side - Akumu Grandfather - Mothers side - Stanley Armour Dunham Grandmother - Mothers side - Madelyn Lee Payne. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_Barack_Obama's_grandparents'_names#ixzz1r2AW0PzM

What does Barack Obama mean in Swahili?

It should be noted that neither name is indigenous to theSwahili language. Barack is a transliteration into English from theArabic. Its Swahili form is baraka , meaning blessing. Obamais not a Swahili word. It's a family name probably in the languageof the Luo tribe to which his father belonged. I ( Full Answer )

What does the election of Barack Obama means to you?

His election means different things to different people. To his political opponents who lost the election, it means they are still upset and are hoping they can defeat him in the next election. To those who voted for him, it means the person they wanted to win is now in the White House. And to t ( Full Answer )

What does Obama first name mean?

His name comes from the Hebrew. In Hebrew there is a word Baraq (ברק) (which means lightning), but it is not related to the president's name. Barack is related to the Hebrew word Barukh (ברוך) which means blessed .

What is the meaning of the name Obama?

The Luos who speak Dholuo (tongue/mouth of the Luo) relish names that seem bad, and Obama simply means the one who has charted his own path. He will not follow the beaten path. He strays away from the norm. The Luos says 'obam' he is crooked, slanted, etc and he is named 'Obama' the deviant/stray/ ( Full Answer )

Why does President Barack Obama have the name Obama?

Obama is his last name, which he inherited from his biological father. He has used it all his life and has never tried to change it. (Contrary to internet myth, he was never adopted by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro.) Sometimes, when he is jokingly referring to himself, he will just use his last name ( Full Answer )

What does Obama mean in Greek?

Obama is not Greek or Hebrew. It is African. You must be looking up the meaning of Barack Hussein Obama's names. His names Barack and Hussein are Arabic. Obama is an African name. He has a white mother from Kansas (related to Dick Cheney), and his father Hussein Onyago Obama, was a Muslim with multi ( Full Answer )

What does Obama mean in latin?

Obama is not a Latin word. Obama spelled backwards, "Amabo" is a Latin word. Amabo means "I will love."

What is the meaning of word Obama?

There is no exact translation in Luo for Obama-- the president's father came from Kenya and was a member of the Luo ethnic group, so the name "Obama" is derived from that language; however there does not seem to be an exact word "obama" in Luo. There are a number of internet rumors that claim the na ( Full Answer )

Obama has a girl name?

If you are asking whether Barack Obama's name is a girl's name, no it is not. "Barack" tends to be a male name, usually from Arabic culture-- his father (Barack Obama Senior) named him. It was a name that was common in Africa; it means "blessed." It is certainly a name that is unusual and not like m ( Full Answer )

What pets does the President Obama have and what are their names?

The first dog arrived at the White House in April, 2009. He is a Portuguese water hound , valued at $1600 and a gift of the late Senator Ted Kennedy. He was named Bo, by his daughters, after Bo Diddley and other Obama family pets. He is black with white front paws and white on his chest.

Obama wifes name and kids?

Wife: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (b. 1/17/1964) Kids: Malia Ann Obama (b. 1998) Natasha Obama (b. 2001)

What does obamas slogan yes you can mean?

During the 2008 presidential campaign, "Yes, We Can" was used by the Democrats to mean that we (the electorate) can change the direction of the country toward more openness in givernment and responsibility to the needs of ordinary citizens, in response to previous government secrecy and corporate po ( Full Answer )

Why did barry Obama change his name?

He was named Barack at birth and that is the name he goes by now. Barry was a nickname he used as a boy. I suppose that when he grew up he decided to go by his real name.

What does Obama mean in hawaiian?

Obama has no meaning in Hawaiian. The word itself is a proper name of Kenyan origin, probably from the Luo language of his biological father.

What is Obama last names?

Well Obama last name is Obama his name is Barack Obama. His last name is OBAMA

Why did Obama never change his name?

Because he liked his name and he didn't want to change it because of his dad or even he never thought of changing his name.

Why do osama and Obama name relate?

They don't. One is a first name, the other a last name. One is an Arabic name, one is an African name. The fact that they are similar in sound (or that they rhyme) is totally a coincidence. (And as for Osama, that is a translation of the Arabic name -- the actual sound is closer to a U-- Usama-- tha ( Full Answer )

Who named Barack Obama dog?

I think it was a family decision. The dog was a present forPresident Obama's two daughters, Malia and Sasha. The name derivedin part after Michelle Obama's father's nickname Diddley; the dogis a namesake of the deceased singer Bo Diddley.

What names of the people voted for Obama?

Since millions of people voted for the president, it would be impossible to give you their names; besides, voting is confidential, so we cannot say which people voted for which candidates unless those people publicly said so in the media. (This sometimes happens with celebrities or famous people, wh ( Full Answer )

What does Obama mean in Kenyan?

First, there is no language called "Kenyan." People in Kenya speak English (it was a former British colony) and there are also several African languages that are popular, including Swahili. Second, the name "Obama" does not have a specific meaning. It is simply a family last name that various people ( Full Answer )

What does the reelection of Barack Obama mean to you?

well since before he has kind of off in being president of his country to me now in the relection now to me its that i know hes a better man now that he will stop increasing taxes and try to be more careing now for things that are important mostly to him so i think he has changed basically.

What does Obama name mean in Cherokee?

There is no evidence that the word "Obama" exists in Cherokee. For one thing, the sound of the letter M is not an original sound in Cherokee and was added to the language much later. But on the other hand, Cherokee is a living language, and it adds new words or borrows them, as all living languages ( Full Answer )

Why was Barack Obama named after his father?

This seems to be a cultural custom: many men throughout history have wanted their son to bear the same name: John Smith and John Smith Jr., or James Jones Senior, James Jones II, etc. Mr. Obama's dad seemed to share that viewpoint that a man's son should carry on his name. The irony, of course, is t ( Full Answer )

What does a stand for in Obama name?

I am not sure I understand the question. The last name "Obama" is a name that comes from his father's family; his father was from the country of Kenya in Africa. Barack was born in America (in the state of Hawaii), but he was given his name by his father. The name "Obama" is not an English word, and ( Full Answer )

The full meaning of Barack Obama?

The name "Barack" is derived from Arabic, and is also close to Hebrew (Baruch). It means "blessed." The president's last name has no particular meaning in any language-- it is a name common to members of his biological father's ancestral group in Kenya. It should be noted that the president inherite ( Full Answer )

What is malia obamas Instagram name?

Some sources have said that it is ma_lia_ann but in general, we do not publish the private phones, private Twitter names, private e-mail addresses, etc. of famous people; if they have published that kind of information themselves, we will repeat it, but we believe celebrities and presidents (and the ( Full Answer )

Is Barack Obama mean and not smart?

No matter who the president might be, some people seem to want to call him rude names. But there is NO evidence that President Obama is "mean," nor is there any evidence that he is "not smart." These accusations sound like political rhetoric you might hear on a talk show, or from people who disagr ( Full Answer )

What does the name Barack Obama mean in Egyptian?

There is no "Egyptian" language any more; in ancient times,Egyptians had a language of their own, but these days, Egyptianstend to speak Arabic. The name "Barack" is a common Arabic andmiddle-eastern name, which means Blessed. The name Obama is anAfrican family name, related to an ancestral group wh ( Full Answer )

What is the Hebrew meaning for the word Obama?

the word "Obama" doesn't have a Hebrew meaning.. "Obama" is a name from the Luo ethnic group of Kenya, It is based on the Dholuo word for "slightly bending." . the word "Obama" doesn't have a Hebrew meaning. . "Obama" is a name from the Luo ethnic group of Kenya, It is based on the Dholuo word ( Full Answer )