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What is the meaning of the name 'Obama'?

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"Obama" is a name from the Luo ethnic group of southwestern Kenya, where Barack Obama, Sr. was born. It was originally the given name of Barack Obama's great-grandfather. It is based on the Luo (technically, Dholuo, the name of the language of the Luo) word bam, which means "crooked, slightly bending."

The prefix O- means "he," and many Luo male names begin with it. Since most traditional Luo names were given by the baby's mother referring to something about the child's birth, the best guess is that when Obama's great-grandfather was born, one of his arms or legs looked slightly bent. email rumors have charged that U.S. President Barack Obama is a practing Muslim -- a rumor that has since been proven false. However, President Obama does have an unusual name, which reflects his African Muslim heritage. He was reportedly named after his father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.

The president's first name, Barack, is a Swahili name that has its origins in Arabic. The original Arabic root of the name (B-R-K) means "blessed." In Arabic, the root word is used in many other phrases to denote blessings and to describe people who are blessed:

  • Mabruk! = "Congratulations!"
  • Barakallah feek = "May God bless you"
  • Barakah = blessings from God (feminine version of the name)

Obama's middle name is Hussein, which was his grandfather's first name. The name, of Arabic origin, means "good" or "handsome one." It is common in Muslim cultures for children (both boys and girls) to have a middle name, which directly connects them to their father or grandfather.

Obama's surname is not uncommon among the Luo tribe, one of the three largest ethnic groups in Kenya. They speak the Dhoulou language.

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What is the Hebrew meaning for the word Obama?

the word "Obama" doesn't have a Hebrew meaning."Obama" is a name from the Luo ethnic group of Kenya, It is based on the Dholuo word for "slightly bending."the word "Obama" doesn't have a Hebrew meaning."Obama" is a name from the Luo ethnic group of Kenya, It is based on the Dholuo word for "slightly bending."

What does Barack Obama mean?

The name Barack is an Arabic name meaning "blessed." Obama is an ethnic name common to a particular Kenyan clan or ancestral group, and it does not seem to have any specific meaning in the Luo language.

What is the meaning of the name Barak?

If you meant Barack (as in Obama) It means 'blessed'

What does Obama mean in Hebrew?

Obama is not of Hebrew origin and has no meaning in Hebrew First, it should be noted that "Obama" is not a Hebrew word, nor is it a word in Swahili or most other languages. It is a name that was used by certain members of the Luo tribe in Kenya (Mr. Obama's dad was a member of that ethnic group). Some people have tried to ascribe a translation to the name, but there is no evidence any of these suggested "meanings" are accurate.

Translation of the name Obama?

The name "Obama" comes from the Lou language meaning "crooked," "zigzag," or "not in a straight line." http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/kovach/080723

What is the meaning of Obama in Hebrew?

Obama has no meaning in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.

What is the translation of the name OBAMA in the Chinese language?

奥巴马(pronounciation translation, not name meaning)

What is Obama last names?

Well Obama last name is Obama his name is Barack Obama. His last name is OBAMA

What does Obama mean in hawaiian?

Obama has no meaning in Hawaiian. The word itself is a proper name of Kenyan origin, probably from the Luo language of his biological father.

What Obama last name?

Barack Hussein Obama is his full name so Obama is his last name.

What is the meaning of President Obama's first name?

It means "blessed" in Arabic; the president's name was given to him by his biological father: his father was Barack Obama Senior, and the future president became Barack Obama II.

What is the Obama kid's last name?

The last name of the children of Barack Obama is Obama.

The full meaning of Barack Obama?

The name "Barack" is derived from Arabic, and is also close to Hebrew (Baruch). It means "blessed." The president's last name has no particular meaning in any language-- it is a name common to members of his biological father's ancestral group in Kenya. It should be noted that the president inherited his father's name. President Obama is not from Kenya and does not speak Arabic.

Is the name Obama in the Bible?

Obama is not a Bible name. Barak is a Bible character, but Barack Obama was not named for him.

In Arabic what does the name Obama mean?

Obama is a Kenyan surname and therefore has no meaning in Arabic. If it means anything, it would mean something in Swahili or a local Kenyan language. In Arabic, his name is simply transliterated as Ubaamaa (أوباما).

What is Obama dad name?

His name was also Barack Hussein Obama.

What is the name of Barack Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama is his full name.

What is Barack last name?

Barack, his first name, means "blessed." His last name, Obama, is derived from a tribal name related to his father's Kenyan ancestry; it is not clear whether the word has a particular meaning other than the tribal affiliation. Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii: on his mother's side of the family, their last name is Dunham. He was named after his biological father.

'What does Barack Obama translate to in Hebrew'?

Barack is an Arabic name that is related to the Hebrew name Baruch (ברוך) which means "Blessed One.""Obama" has no meaning in Hebrew. Obama is an ancient Kenyan surname. The name is found frequently among the Luo, the third largest ethnic group in Kenya. It is believed that the name derived from the root word obam, which means “to lean or bend.”

What does 'Barack Obama' mean?

The name Barack is an Arabic word meaning "blessed." It is related to a similar word in Hebrew, Baruch. The name "Obama" is a proper name that comes from his biological father's ancestral group in Kenya. Although President Obama was born in Hawaii and lived there for many years, he was named after his biological father.

Will there be a Marie Antoinette 2?

her name is Michelle Obama her name is Michelle Obama

What is the presidents last name?

which president? do you mean obama? His name is Barack obama

What page is the name Obama in the Bible?

The name Obama is not found anywhere in the bible.

What is Barack Obamas kids and wife name?

Michelle Obama is his wife's name and his daughters are Sasha Obama malia Obama

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