What is the meaning of the name Brianna?

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Brianna comes from the Celtic/Gaelic name, meaning "Strong one".
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What does Brianna mean?

feminine form of Brian. Brianna means: Noble, strong, virtuous; hill. See the Related link below.

Who is Brianna Brown?

Brianna Brown is an American actress who has been on the ABC soapopera, 'General Hospital.' She is also a director and has beenacting since she was in elementary school.

What country is the name brianna from?

The name Brianna is the female version of Brian, which is an oldname that comes from Ireland. The name can be found in 'The FaerieQueene' by Edmund Spenser.

What does brianna mean in latin?

Brianna means in latin is a girl that is choosen for a place such a softball in china and she could be Jewish. 1996 to 2009. Theirs is Brianna Lopez,Brianna Nene,Brianna Cano. Those were the chosen people

Is Brianna a popular name?

Brianna is a pretty popular name. About 200 of 1,000,000 girls have the name Brianna or the middle name Brianna. My personal opinion is that this name is not the best or worst, and I wouldn`t be able to decide if I liked it or hated it. If your name is Brianna than you might know about 2 or 3 other ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with Brianna?

Well, does it sound like BREE-ON-AH. or BRE-ANN-AH. my name is brionna like this first one...and everyone calls me brionna iguana. Iguana. Americana.

How do you spell brianna?

Umm... in the question you spelled it right! At least it's usually spelled like that, sometimes it's spelled Breanna, but not as much

What does brianna meam?

My mother always told me the name means "strong" in Gaelic, but in recent years I have seen "high or noble" as the meaning. Also I noticed that when the name is spelled Briana the meaning is "strong" and when it is spelled Brianna the meaning is "strong one." Not sure though.. Google it.. - Miss. ( Full Answer )

What dose the name brianna mean?

brianna means strong one. it may also mean noble. brianna spelled briana means strong. they are about the same

How many people are named Brianna?

It is impossible to say how many people have a certain name. Not all countries register all births and record such things. Nor is there any centralised register. In addition similar names can be totally different in different languages and contractions of names differ from place to place.

Is there a Saint Brianna?

No, there is no Saint Brianna. However, the name seems to derive from the name Anne or Anna and those are saint names.

Who is brianna meighan?

Brianna Meighan is a TV Host for a program on E! Entertainment Television-Latin America & Caribbean. Brianna Meighan is a well-known TV Presenter and international model. It is also rumored that she is being considered for a Bond Girl role in the next James Bond 007 movie. She apparently caught th ( Full Answer )

What does brianna espino mean?

well Brianna means high or noble, resourceful, and is a person that usually achieves her goals. that's my name too!!

Do the names Zane and Brianna make a good couple?

Zane means masculine. Brianna means feminine. Does it go good together...ha.. couldn't be more perfect. * Actually, Zane means "God's gracious gift," and Brianna means "strong, virtuous, and honorable."

How old is Brianna bishop?

brianna is my best friend and she actually turned 13 before she started the show. it was a mistake they made :)

Can you help me come up with a screenname. My name is Brianna and I want a good screenname like kristykrazy or belleoftheball?

Here are suggestions -BigB -Brianna -MynamestartswithaB heres some more.... bubblybrit bubblybrianna briannalikesbubbly briannahere4u there are so many u could come up with...sorta need to match ur personality...my personal user name is a combination of my kids initials.....just depends o ( Full Answer )

How do you get brianna Sanford to like me?

dream on if ur gunna just sit around searchin 4 answers on wiki answers! go out there and show her you like her, you might be surprised n find she likes u aswell. u shouldn't live the rest of your life wondering 'what if?' if you get rejected, its her loss!

Is Brianna a good name to have?

Yes brianna is a great name to have it is such a pretty name I love that name my friends name is Brianna and im really jelous

Is Brianna Lynae Austin ugly?

Noone is really ugly. everyone has their own opions. she might think she is the prettiest girl in the world but you might think diffrent.

What are nicknames for brianna?

Brianna Bannana is mine , Brianna Belle and Brianna Bear and I am pretty sure you can come up with more.

What is the Italian translation of 'My name is Brianna'?

Mi chiamo Brianna is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "My name is Brianna." Specifically, the reflexive pronoun mi means "myself." The verb chiamo means "am called, call, do call." The pronunciation is "mee KYAH-moh bree-AHN-nah."

Is brianna really mad at Taylor?

no she just wants Taylor to feel bad for calling her sensative. Even though being sensative isn't a bad thing.

What is the Breakdown with Brianna?

The Breakdown with Brianna is a radio show on 91.9 WSHR. The Breakdown with Brianna plays top 40, hip hop, pop and R&B music.

How many ways to spell brianna?

Brianna, Brieanna, Bryanna, Breeanna, Breanna, Briana, Brieana, Breana, Breeana... There may be a few others that I haven't though of. Personally I prefer "Brieanna" - it's the most traditional spelling of a modern name (all all the "bri" ones can be read to rhyme with "bright", rather than "bree" ( Full Answer )

What is the name brianna Stewart name in japan?

Brianna Stewart? It doesnt change. A name is a title. You can't change it. Unless Japanese has a special word for American "Brianna". For example, American "Matthew" is "Mateo" in Spanish. But I highly doubt the Japanese language has a different way to say "Brianna" because the name is not from the ( Full Answer )

When you hear the name Brianna Daddazio what do you see?

At first glance, I cringe at the name Brianna (as it is a self-created, made-up, trendy and juvenile name.) But then I see the surname of Daddazio , and understand that the parents (however mistakingly) were trying to find a name that sounded moderately Italian (though it is not) but was easy f ( Full Answer )

Who is Brianna Garcia?

Brianna Maria Garcia (born November 21, 1973) is a WWE female wrestler, one of the "Bella Twins" with her twin sister Stephanie Nicole Garcia, using the stage names Brie and Nikki Bella.

How do you say hi my name is brianna in sign language?

Hi; make a letter H (first 2 fingers held together and pointed straight out); quickly change to an I (little finger pointed up). lay the hand on the chest (my); hold the first 2 fingers together on each hand and tap them together (one on top of the other) - name; then spell out Brianna or use the na ( Full Answer )

Is brianna a good singer?

Very much so. Well it kinda depends on which Brianna you are talking about... Some aren't that amazing if you know what i mean... lol

What does Brianna mean in Mexico?

Brianna is an American feminine variation of the Celtic name Brian, which means "Strong" in Celtic language. Hence, it is not translatable.