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What is the meaning of the name Brianna?

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Brianna comes from the Celtic/Gaelic name, meaning "Strong one".

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What does Brianna mean in Irish?

Brianna is an English name, it has no meaning in Irish.

What is the meaning of Brianna in Irish?

Brianna is not an Irish Gaelic name. It is a feminine form of Brian in English.

What does brianna mean in spanish?

I don't know if Brianna has a particular spanish meaning. It is a feminisation of the name Brian.

What middle name goes with brianna?

Brianna Frances, Brianna Opal or Brianna Ruth One Middle name for Brianna that I love is Brianna Rose.

What is the name Brianna in Spanish?

The name Brianna is the same in English and Spanish

What celebrities have Brianna as their first name?

There are a variety of celebrities that have the first name "Brianna." Examples include Brianna Brown, Brianna Keilar, Brianna Allen, and Brianna Berman.

Is brianna a french name?

No, Brianna is an Irish name.

What is the birth name of Brianna McConnell?

Brianna McConnell's birth name is McConnell, Megan Brianna.

What is the birth name of Brianna Siler?

Brianna Siler's birth name is Brianna Ku'ulei Siler.

What is the birth name of Brianna Skrocki?

Brianna Skrocki's birth name is Brianna Paige Skrocki.

What is the birth name of Brianna Tatiana?

Brianna Tatiana's birth name is Brianna Tatiana Chahine.

What is the birth name of Brianna Fischette?

Brianna Fischette's birth name is Brianna Joy Fischette.

What is the birth name of Brianna Weissmann?

Brianna Weissmann's birth name is Brianna Jacqueline Weissmann.

What is the birth name of Brianna Burton?

Brianna Burton's birth name is Brianna Elise Burton.

Is Brianna a good name to have?

Yes brianna is a great name to have it is such a pretty name I love that name my friends name is Brianna and im really jelous

What does brianna meam?

My mother always told me the name means "strong" in Gaelic, but in recent years I have seen "high or noble" as the meaning. Also I noticed that when the name is spelled Briana the meaning is "strong" and when it is spelled Brianna the meaning is "strong one." Not sure though. Google it. - Miss. Chanel

Hola me llamo brianna?

Hello, my name is Brianna.

How do you say my name is brianna in spanish?

Me llamo Brianna

Which is a more popular name Brianna or Grace?


What is the French name for Brianna?

There is no exact French equivalent name. (Bryanna/Brianna is from Irish)

How many girls in the world have the name brianna?

brianna is the name of 21,776 people in the U.S.

What is the birth name of Brianna Beach?

Brianna Beach's birth name is Melissa Sternberg.

What is the birth name of Brianna Ryder?

Brianna Ryder's birth name is Tiana Evans.

Where does the word brianna come fromm?

The name Brianna is Gaelic.

What is the birth name of Brianna Belland?

Brianna Belland's birth name is Mee Rim Lee.