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What is the meaning of the name Larissa?

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Larissa is both Greek and Russian-derived and means: mythical woman and cheerfulness.

The name Larisa (more seldom Larissa, or Laryssa) derives from the Old Greek town name Larissa. Others consider it is related to the Latin word "larus" or Greek "liarus" which means a seagull. The initial meaning of the word is a gluttonous bird. Another version points the Old Greek word "laros", which means "sweet, pleasant", as the initial word. The name Larisa means: a seagull, sweet, pleasant. larissa can't interact with the letter T or Te or a name starting with T.

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Larissa is a town in Greece, but it is not mentioned in the Bible.

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Larissa(thats my name spelling) Larisa, Lara Lariss

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The female given name is spelled "Larissa" but has variants including Larisa, Laryssa, Lerissa, and Lorissa.

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St. Larissa (the laywoman) is an Orthodox saint who was persecuted for her Christianity. She is commemorated on March 26.

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Where does the name Larissa come from?

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