What is the meaning of the name Rebekah?

Definition of Rebekah

Rebekah: a rope with a noose (to tie firmly); a tie rope for animals (roots= 1. hitching 2. tied up calf or lamb). A noose; captivating. Fattened

This definition is from the Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names

The definition pertains to the Hebrew name whose orthodox Jewish spelling is Rivqah, pronounced "Rivka." (The original name was in the Hebrew language, which uses entirely different alphabet characters.)

It may be of further interest to note that the most common Anglicized spelling is "Rebecca." Additionally, there is a common misconception that "Rebekah" is "the" Biblical spelling. However, the spelling "Rebecca" is used in the Bible too (see Romans 9:10 KJV). Not only is "Rebecca" used in the KJV Bible, it is also the older Biblical spelling. The ancient Latin Vulgate (compiled in the 4th Century A.D.) was the version of the Bible that was used for many centuries. The Latin Vulgate uses the spelling "Rebecca" exclusively. Centuries later, when the Bible was translated into English in the year 1611, the spelling was changed to "Rebekah" for the Old Testament, but the spelling "Rebecca" was retained in the New Testament (see Romans 9:10). So the older Biblical spelling is "Rebecca," but both spellings are in the original English Bible.