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Consternation is a word that refers to frustration, dismay, and distress. Used in a sentence, consternation functions as a noun, rather than an adjective or adverb.

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What part of speech is consternation?

The word consternation is a noun. It is an amazement.

How do you use consternation in a sentence as a noun?

To my consternation I realized that I was holding the neck and not the head of the poisonous snake which is a very dangerous thing to do.

What is a meaning for consternation?

fear resulting from danger

What is the root word of consternation?


What is a sentence for consternation?

I was in consternation when I saw the shark swimming near me.I was in consternation after I got raped

How do you spell consternation?

That is the correct spelling of "consternation" (a state of frustration).

How do you use consternation in a sentence?

the definition of consternation is a state of paralyzing dismay

A sentence with the word consternation?

his consternation was evident by the pained expression on his face.

Sentence for consternation?

Consternation is feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected. My dogs ran and played in the yard, much to the consternation of my neighbors.

When was Live Consternation created?

Live Consternation was created on 2006-08-17.

A sentence with consternation?

Consternation is a feeling of anxiety about something that was unexpected. Another sentence would be, the consternation hit her like a brick wall when her husband left.

Can you use consternation in a sentence?

Her consternation about her poor grade on the exam was evident in her facial expression.

Consternation in a sentence?

There was widespread consternation among our crew on hearing that we'd be sailing with the Prince.

How would you use consternation in a sentence?

There are 13 consterstripes & 50 consterstars on the consterflag of my consternation.

A sentence for the word consternation?

"She shook her head in consternation, wondering where she could have lost the earring..."

How do you put consternation in a sentence?

It was with much consternation that Napoleon Bonaparte marked his defeat at Waterloo.

What rhymes with confirmation?


What rhymes with illustration?

Consternation, infatuation

What is the noun for meaning?

The word 'meaning' is the present participle, present tense of the verb to mean. The present participle of the verb also functions as an adjective and a gerund (a verbal noun).Examples:He was meaning to call her. (verb)It was a well meaning gesture. (adjective)The meaning is not clear. (noun)

What is a sentence using the word consternation?

Much to the consternation of students and parents, repairs to the school building won't be made until September, 2012.

What actors and actresses appeared in Consternation - 2011?

The cast of Consternation - 2011 includes: Mohammad Aghaei as Landlord Sina Sezavar as Stranger

What is the meaning of desert in noun?

desert is a noun.

What word can you use for fear?

Fear is a noun.Synonyms for fear include, but are not limited to: foreboding, horror, trepidation, apprehension, dismay, dread, panic, terror, consternation, fright, and qualm.

How long was Anne in her consternation camp?

6 months

How do you use consternation in a sentence structure?

When she announced that she was going to lose 25 kilos of weight in a month, her reckless idea caused general consternation among her friends and family.