What is the meaning of the phrase 'experience is the best teacher'?

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The only way to truly understand something is to experience it for yourself.
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Who said experience is the best teacher?

Answer That expression has been quoted so often that it is now regarded as a "proverb." An early citation is Thomas Taylor, David's Learning , 1617; but the Oxford Dictiona

Is experience really the best teacher?

Experience is the most convincing teacher, but some forms of information can be conveyed more efficiently through books and/or lectures. yes. this is true on everything and sp

Experience is the best teacher?

Experience is the best teacher means some people will only takeverbal warnings with a grain of salt. Only after they have actuallyexperienced what others have warned them abou

Experience is the best teacher in life?

yes. because if you touch something hot you will never do it again but if someone tells you not to do it then you will probably do it anyway.

How do you write an essay about experience is the best teacher?

WikiAnswers will not do your homework for you. Nor will it write your discussion paper, critiques or essays. That is considered cheating. If you have a specific question in th
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What does the phrase social experiment mean?

I think it means that America is a place where you can do and try many different things. America is a free country.
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What does it mean by saying that experience is the best teacher?

If you say: "I think trying it like this might work", and you do - and it leaves you with pain, monetary loss, or frustration - you will not try it like that again. You will t
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What does the phrase best bet mean?

The phrase best bet refers to making the best decision to achieve the outcome that you want. It's about analysing the situation before making your move.
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What is mean by the phrase customer experience?

Businesses generally make their income by meeting the needs of customers. They need to measure how well customers are satisfied and how well their needs were met. The entire