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The meaning is that all the people who died in the war are saying that all their beautiful surroundings and then reality hits them and they get to the serious stuff saying that carry on the war and win because we did not just die and risk our lives just to lose and if we do not win then we will never rest in peace always fight for justice and PEACE


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Name of in the poem flanders fields the poppies blow?

In Flanders Fields - John McCrae

What year was the poem In Flanders Fields?


What town is flanders fields in?

it's a poem

What country has the poem In Flanders Field on their ten dollar bill?

The Canadian 10 dollar bill has the poem "In Flanders Fields" written on it.

Who is the author of the poem Flanders Fields?

A Canadian, John McCrae.

What is most famous Memorial Day poem?

In Flanders fields

What is the theme of the poem In Flanders Fields?

the theme is death and peace

Name of in flanders field the poppies blow?

The name of the famous poem by John McRae is InFlanders Fields.

How many graves are in Flanders Fields?

There are no graves marked in Flanders Fields, as there is no specific place. It is a part of a famous WW1 poem, and generically refers to the fighting places in the northern part of Belgium known as Flanders. The poem ("In Flanders Fields") was written by a Canadian physician John McCrae in 1915, and memorializes those killed in fighting in WW1.

What poetic devices are in the poem Flanders Fields by John McCrae?

not too many

Who wrote the poem In Flanders' Fields?

Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.

What is the best remembrance day poem?

"In Flanders Fields" by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.

What countries money has a line from the poem flanders fields?

The Canadian ten dollar bill

When was the poem in Flanders fields made?

it was made in 1915 this guy who did it was sad because his friend die so he made this poem

Which item would be considered a secondary source on World War 1 A General from WWI who wrote a History textbook B magazine article on the 75th anniversary of the poem In Flanders Fields?

magazine article on the 75th anniversary of the poem, ''In Flanders Fields''

What does the green of the poppy symbolize?

The entire poppy is a symbol of remembrance and comes from the poem, "In Flanders Fields." There is no special meaning for the green leaf as the poppy as a whole is the symbol for remembrance.

When was In Flanders Fields created?

In Flanders Fields was created in 1915.

Who was the poem Flanders field targeted at?

Flanders Fields was intended as an homage to the war dead. It was also intended as an anti-war poem. And as we were born free and liberated, I would say rejoiced, Lest We Forget.

What does the speaker want his listeners to do in the poem flanders fields?

They want the still fight soldiers to stay strong

Who wrote the book in flanders fields?

In Flanders Fields was written by John McCrae.

Why is flanders field used so often on Remembrance Day?

I think mostly because a Canadian wrote the poem "Flanders Fields". Flanders was allegedly a generic name for battlefields in the county of Flanders in Belgium. Canada fought many of their most important battles there; Ypres, The Somme and Passchendaele. John MacCrae wrote the poem during the battle of the Somme, in Flanders.

In Flanders Field was written in reference to a battle in which country?

The poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae was written during the Second Battle of Ypres.Ypres is a city in Belgium.

Where in England is flanders fields?

Flanders is in Belgium.

Who owns copyrights for Flanders Fields?

More information is necessary.If you are referring to the poem "In Flanders Fields" (written in 1915) then it is in the public domain. If you mean the book "In Flanders Fields: The 1917 Campaign," by Leon Wolff then the copyright would, in all likelihood, belong to either the author or whomever he assigned the copyright to because the book was written in 1958. Just the phrase "Flanders Fields" would not qualify for copyright protection but may be registered as a trademark.

How do you spell flanders fields in french?

Flanders (region of Belgium and Northern France) translates as "les Flandres" in French. Flander's fields could then literally be translated "les champs des Flandres". For the translation of Flander's fields poem in French, see related question.

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