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The two lawyers, like the two cats, will fight over who will win the spoils to satisfy their greed.

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What does expanding a proverb mean?

it means,we should understand the meaning of the proverb

What is the meaning of the proverb self help is the best help?

The general meaning of the proverb is that when it comes to solving your own problems, you are the best person to do that. The French have a equivalent proverb: Help yourself and God will help you.

What is the meaning of the proverb-'Unity is Strength'?

The meaning of the proverb 'Unity is strength' is that there is power in team work. This proverb teaches when people come together and work together towards a common goal there is success.

What is the meaning of the proverb virtue is its own reward?

From which Proverb verse is "Virtue is its own reward take from?"

Where there is a will there is a way proverb expansion?

An old English proverb. Meaning a person with determination will find a way.

Is this an old proverb or a scripture in the Bible that says woe unto the doctors and the lawyers?

ANSWER: It's just woe to the lawyers. Luke 10:46 and Luke 10:52.

What differences are there between an idiom an adage and a proverb?

There are some differences between an idiom, an adage, and a proverb. An idiom is a saying has a meaning beyond the literal, such as "a blessing in disguise." An adage is a wise old saying. An example would be "a friend in need is a friend indeed." A proverb is a brief saying that gives advice, like "all that glitters is not gold."

What is the meaning of the proverb?

a drowning man will clutch at a straw

What is the meaning of the proverb might is right?

Thouhts are correct

What do you believe about the Chinese proverb means?

You'll have to tell us which Chinese proverb you are asking about if you would like our opinion about its meaning.

What is the meaning for this west Indian proverb What sweeten the goat mouth does poison his tale?

The meaning of the proverb is that whatever you do comes back to you in a good or bad way, depending on the kind of person you are.

What is the meaning of the proverb 'Newspapers are the worlds mirror in reflection'?

The proverb 'Newspapers are the world's mirror in reflection' has a simple meaning. Basically the proverb means that a newspaper is the world's mirror. The things that are reflected in the newspaper are usually what one would see if they look at the world.

Want a meaning for the English proverb?

a cat can see a king

Meaning of proverb time is money?

The proverb 'time is money' means if you are wasting your time, you are not making any money. Your time is valuable.

What is the meaning of the proverb the silent dog is the first to bite?

what is meaning of the silent dog is the first to bite

What is the meaning of the proverb as different as the moon from a turtle?

U r stupid

What is the meaning the proverb boys will be boys?

I think that it means that if they are a jerk they wont change.

What is the meaning of the proverb don't put the cart before the horse?

do things in order

What the meaning of no pain no gain proverb?

without pain we cannot achieve our goal

What is the meaning of the proverb ' contented cat'?

'Contented cat' is not a proverb. Proverbs are longer than two words eg A stitch in time saves nine.

How to get a Chinese answer from a Chinese proverb?

You have to understand the Chinese proverb first before you can get an answer. Chinese proverbs are almost like idioms, and unless you understand the meaning of them, you cannot deduce an answer from them.

What is the Hindi meaning of proverb god is love?

God is love means BHAGWAN HI PYAAR HAI. This proverb shows the love of a person towards god.

What is the meaning of the proverb a forced kindness deserves no thanks?

The meaning of the proverb, "A forced kindness deserves no thanks," is that if you have to force someone to do something kind, they are not doing it from a feeling of kindness, and therefore should not be thanked as if they were doing it fro kindness.

What is the meaning of A falling apple is not going to fall away from its tree proverb?

The proverb is more correctly" An apple does not fall far from the tree" , which means offspring, i.e, children are generally similar to their parents in character. Not necessarily true, but that is the intent of the proverb.

What is the meaning of the proverb that a more grass to exert effort dead horse?

Review and edit the question. What you are calling a proverb makes no sense. What is the proverb supposed to be? Offering a dead horse more grass [hay] won't get him to exert more effort?