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Q: What is the meaning of the science lab symbol eyewash?
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What is the meaning of radiation as a lab safety symbol?

Its because radiation is used in science

What does the giant X mean in a science lab?

A black 'X' symbol on an orange backgound is the symbol meaning irritant or harmful

What is a sentence with the word eyewash?

I had to use an eyewash after the sand blew in my face.

If you get acid in your eye in a science lab what should you do?

Most labs have an eyewash station you should use. If it doesn't, flush your eye with water immediately.

What are some science lab safety symbols?

high voltage, ionizing radiation, flammable, fire extinguisher, toxic material sign, eyewash, recycling,

LaboratoryΒ ?

A science lab

Were can the oxidising symbol be found?

in a science lab or on a can dof spray to do with oxygen

What should you do if you get something in your eye at the science lab?

typically, there should be an eyewash station in the lab or a small bottle that sprays a liquid designed to clean out any chemicals in your eye. :) ... if you do not find either of these in your lab, it is technically not up to safety conduct and must be reported.

What does the fire symbol mean in a science lab?

It identifies items that are flammable or combustible.

What is the exclamation point symbol in a classroom science lab?

It might be the symbol for the mathematical function "factorial". 5! would be 5X4X3X2X1.

If a chemical is splashed in your eyes in the lab?

if chemical splashes into your eyes in the lab you should immediately rinse it out in the emergency eyewash fountain,sittuated at the back or side of the lab

Science lab rules?

science lab rules

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