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The sun and its life-giving rays.
The ancient symbol of the Sun is the Hindu Swastica or Fire Wheel. This symbol became abreviated when it was made into a medalion consisting of an 'X' inside a circle.
The Sun was thought to decend into the Earth at night and then arise reborn from Earth each morning. The Ankh evolved to show this. Here the circle becomes a womb-like elipse illustrating the Solar cross being reborn inside the Earth.  
The ankh is an Egyptian hieroglyph meaning life, it is also known as the Egyptian Cross and the key of life. The ankh symbolises life and immortality, the universe, power and life-giving air and water. Its key-like shape has also encouraged the belief it could unlock the gates of death, and it is viewed this way by the modern Rosicrucians and other hermetic orders.

The ankh appears frequently in Egyptian tomb paintings and other art; it often appears at the fingertips of a god or goddess in images that represent the deities of the afterlife conferring the gift of life on the dead person's mummy. The ankh symbol was often carried by Egyptians as an amulet, either alone, or in connection with two other hieroglyphs that mean "strength" and "health." Mirrors were often made in the shape of an ankh. Sometimes, in art, the Ankh was shown being touched by a god onto a person, which usually symbolized conception.
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What is the meaning for the symbol ankh?

Answer . Eternal life.. Answer . I believe it means simply "life" which could be temporal or eternal.. It is believed that the heiroglyph originated from an image of the female reproductive system.. Addendum: While the Ankh in its simplest meaning means "life" (specifically, "eternal life") ( Full Answer )

What was the ankh used for?

The hieroglyphic sign meaning life the ankh was used as the symbol of the afterlife and was used at procicutions

What is an ankh?

An ankh is a cross shaped like a T with a loop at the top, representing the Egyptian hieroglyph for "life", and often used as an amulet.

Who was tut ankh amun?

The Egytian boy pharoah of mid 1300s BC. Whose name means 'Living Image of Amun'. He ruled Egypt and died young.

What does an ankh symbolize?

Anyone who studies hieroglyphs in detail will find that the sign 'nx (pronounced ankh by modern Egyptologists and scholars) probably represents a sandal-strap: the loop was made to fit around the ankle, the cross-piece went over the instep and the long part went between the first and second toes. ( Full Answer )

What does a star shaped birthmark mean?

According to some myths, people born with a star shaped birthmark were given special powers such as the Sight or the gift of prophecy.

What does an ankh look like?

An ankh is known as the Egyptian staff or cross of life. They are generally depicted as a cross with a loop at the top where the vertical short arm of the cross would be. There are some depictions of ankhs with a circle instead of a loop at the top, but these are much less common.

What are ankhs?

A cross with an oval shape on the top is an ankh. - [angk] The Ankh Cross represents life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance. It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy. It's closely related to the looped cross that can mean fertility and life.

Is the ankh cross a Christian cross?

The Ankh was one of the earliest forms of the Christian cross called the "Crux Ansata" or 'cross with a handle'. It was adopted by early Coptic Christians. ANSWER 2: No, the ankh cross was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol known as the "key of life" or "key of the Nile." Crux ansata is ( Full Answer )

How was an ankh used?

I'm pretty sure it represents immortality.. tomb paintings often show the deities of all afterlife giving an ankh to a mummy.. it's like giving them the gift of life.. you can also search the Egyptian symbols and might find some more information and. even more symbols.. hopes this helps!

What is the Ankh used for?

The ankh is known as the key of life. It is an ancient Egyptianhieroglyph or symbol for the word "life."

Who created the Ankh?

Ancient Egypt. It is religious, perhaps fertility and sex symbol- some see it as a stylized Vagina, hence feminine power-stone, if you will. NOT strictly speaking a Christian Cross but might be adapted for that role. it would be neat if used on a closed coffin to be directly over the Vagina!

Why did the Egyptians wear the ankh?

Ancient Egyptians held the Ankh because it symbolized life (immortality) and death, male and female, balance . It can also represent zest, joy of life, and energy.

What is the meaning of the wings on an Ankh?

could imply some relationship with aviation, Air Force chaplain, perhaps? has nothing to do with that. an ankh is a symbol for eternal life. The wings, depending on the wings, mean different things. I have the Egyptian wings with my ankh and they are the wings of horus. Ankh with wings in genera ( Full Answer )

How do you do an ankh in HTML?

One way to put an ankh in a HTML file is to use the ankh Unicode character U+2625. There are two ways to embed this character in a HTML file -- both ways look identical in a web browser: * use the '☥' character. * use the '☥' character entity. Alas, many computers don't have the prop ( Full Answer )

What is the mean in a shape?

\nIt's When you add the two numbers together then divide it by the amount of different numbers. example: 2+2=4, then divide that by two to get 2

How old is the ankh?

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol that had religious purposes, and was used for same by the Egyptians. It might be a fertility or female sex symbol as it does resemble the cross-section ( no pun intended) of the Vagina. It is not a direct type of Christian Cross, but more of an offshoot. The ac ( Full Answer )

What does the ankh have to do with the afterlife?

Egyptian religion was pre-occupied with the afterlife- pyramids, Mummies, tombs, Valley of the Queens etc- it is certainly useful here. It was/is a feminine symbol. On a mortuary vessel ( coffin) ideally the Ankh should be displayed over the lower portion of the casket- and on an axis perpendicular ( Full Answer )

What object is the ankh similar to today?

The ankh roughly meant 'eternal life'; the closest thing to it today, both in shape and meaning, would be the Celtic cross and to a lesser extent the Christian cross (although this does not share the original meaning).

Who used the ankh?

The ankh was a hieroglyph in ancient Egypt. It was also seen as asymbol of eternal life and was often used in Egyptian art.

Who was the ankh used by?

The Ancient Egyptians. it has been variously interpreted as a sort of Cross-like symbol, or a fertility motif- or and this seems likely, a stylized Vagina.

Why was the ankh cross worn in Egypt?

It wasn't, at least not by most of the population. During the Late Period some statues were produced that represented gods and these were sometimes shown wearing an ankh amulet - but for most of Egyptian history gods and kings were shown holding an ankh, not wearing one. This amulet signified l ( Full Answer )

How do you use ankh in a sentence?

An Ankh was on the Egyptian princess" coffin, it was on the lower part on an axis perpendicular to the Vagina, which it is designed to resemble.

Who invented the ankh?

This symbol came from Egypt, so I guess the only answer would be the ancient Egyptians.

Did Christians copy the ankh?

Yes. The Ankh, or crux ansata, was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character for "eternal life". Egyptian gods were often shown carrying it by its loop or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. This ancient Egyptian sign of life became a stylised cross of Jesus. Answer The ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a scorpion shaped birthmark?

Birthmarks are a naturally occurring variations in the pigmentation of the skin. There is no meaning to the shapes they come in. There was a time, in the dark ages, when such things as birthmarks, moles and blemishes (something everyone has) of any kind were said to be a "Mark of the Devil", but ( Full Answer )

What does shape constancy means?

Shape constancy refers to the phenomenon in which the percept of the shape of a given object remains constant despite changes in the shape of the object's retinal image.

What does shape mean in art sense?

If your sculpting shape is the body of the thing your scalpting . Such as shape(: Drawing ; it's the outline of what you drew(;

What does 3d shapes mean?

3d stands for '3-dimensional', meaning that the shape has three parametres (or directions) for its space, usually translated as it has length, width, and height.

What is per ankh?

"Per ankh" is the modern pronunciation of the hieroglyphs pr 'inkh , which literally means "the house of life". This is the name given to part of most temple complexes, where novice priests were trained (a kind of school), where records were kept, where astronomical calculations were performed, ( Full Answer )

Is the cup of ankh real?

oh its so not real, it may be real according to egyptian polytheism, and religion but know one really knows, it is just for entertainment (sibuna) but last heard the cup was suposedly burried with King Tut, individuals have their own personal opinions but we here at answers.com dont believe in it, n ( Full Answer )

Why does Anubis hold the Ankh?

well sense it is the key to life maybe he used it when someone died or when he needs someone to come back to life! Anubis had a mind of his own and that know one really knows why he used this or kept it with him

What was the ankh made from?

the ankh also know as the key of life is made out of gold and was first made in 1671

How big are ancient Egyptian ankhs?

inx (often called ankh today) is a hieroglyph meaning life or living. It is a symbol often depicted as if three-dimensional but its origins are as a two-dimensional written character. In that sense it has no specific size, in exactly the same way as the English letter C - it is as big as you wan ( Full Answer )

Is the cup of ankh real or is it a myth?

The cup of ankh is real because it is hurried with the Egyptian followers Also the cup was broken the pieces are in a certain pyramid or sPot in the Egypt line with the man Anubis or king tut

Is cup of ankh real?

yes, the cup of ankh is real and Nina hides it somewhere in the attic

What is the story of the Ankh?

Most of the "story of the ankh" is modern invented nonsense that has no connection at all with ancient Egypt. First of all the hieroglyph today called "ankh" did not have that name in ancient times. The sign itself probably depicts a sandal-strap, a word which has the consonant skeleton '+n+kh, s ( Full Answer )

How do you be part of Per Ankh?

You would have to contact them; below is a link to that site it gives such information as email and phone number.

What did the symbol Ankh represent for Eygytians?

The ankh symbol represented love and life for the ancient Egyptians. It was an important symbol for their links to their gods and beliefs and so they treasured the use of it.

What is ankh in Arabic?

The ankh , also known as breath of life , the keyof the Nile (Latin meaning "cross with a handle"), was theancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "life', but ithas no specific meaning in Arabic other than to refer to thisAncient Egyptian word.