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To give one's all in spite of overwhelming odd and public derision, to reach for the goal that everyone says is impossible and/or ridiculous. To stand for something instead of falling for anything. To stand for the right when all around champion the wrong. This is part of what it means....


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A meaningful interpretation is impossible without further information about this dream. Aging within a dream has no particular meaning in itself.

It'a song title, it does not have meaning beyond that...

the meaning of the song impossible is that she is being lied to by boyfriend. he goes out and parties hard with his mates and you know who...and she is left stranded at home worrying and waiting for him :S.........

this is impossible to answer. the song 'are we human or are we dancers' suggests this in its lyrics.

"We'll be a Dream" is a song sung by We The Kings and Demi Lovato. The song is about a boy and a girl and they are talking about being in a relationship and how they will be like a perfect dream.

Don quixote sang the song the impossible dream in the play man of la mancha which gave the reason of his so called "senilelity".he is not mad, he is just a dreamer.

An accurate interpretation is impossible without further information about the dream itself. One might dream of fighting with an ex-boyfriend or of kissing him, or of seeing that person driving away in a car. In each case, the meaning of the dream would be quite different.

Don Quixote sings this featured song from 'The Man of La Mancha"

Since "The Impossible Dream" was from the Broadway Musical "Man Of La Mancha", the first recording of it would probably be the Original Broadway Cast Album, and the singer on that was Richard Kiley.

Gibberish from the song "#9 Dream". It has no real meaning. It supposedly came to John Lennon in a dream.

Without knowing anything about the dream or the time of year it occurs, it is impossible to suggest any meaning.

No. You do not always have a dream.

dream the impossible dream

the everly brothers wrote a song called "all i have to do is dream" is that what your looking for?

This dream is impossible to interpret without further information. "Sperm" would have a very different significance depending on the gender of the dreamer. The meaning of the dream also depends on other elements and actions in the dream as well as on the emotions experienced within the dream.

There is no meaning to a pig in a dream.

I think it is about loosing the unborn and the haunting dream thereafter

that she was planning to get married but she is really going to her fiances funeral

No. The song is called Impossible Love

This dream suggests that there is a strong emotional connection between the dreamer and the deceased. Also, the actual song might provide some clues as to the meaning of the dream, whether it was a comforting lullaby, a love song or a happy, dancing tune. Symbolically, the dream represents comfort and consolation.

Led Zeppelin does not have a song called "Dream On"

The Impossible Dream - Johnny Mathis album - was created in 1969.

The Impossible Dream - Andy Williams album - was created in 1966.

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