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i dont really know but i would guess it would be about em gettin high nd the stuff thats happening to him while hes high

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Who sings ganja gun?

Irieginal Abraham sings a song called "Ganja gun"but Bob Marley performed "Ganja ganja".Two completly different songs

What is the meaning of ganga?

Ganja is slang for marijuana

What does ganja mean?

Ganja means: Cannabis.

How do you pronounce ganja?

You pronounce ganja: GAHN-ja

Is ganja the longest river in Latvia?

Its Gauja, not Ganja

When was Ganja Gate created?

Ganja Gate was created in 1750.

How do you pronounce ganja in Japanese Not kanji?

ganja as in dope? if so mariyuana

What reggae song repeats the verse you smoking ganja?

that does'nt make any sense btw dats not a question -.-

When was Ganja State University created?

Ganja State University was created in 1938.

Is there ganja in your brain by ras matthews lyrics?

I don't think so. I've been looking for the lyrics to that song too.

What is the meaning of the song Joy to the World?

the world must rejoice because christ is born

What is the airport code for Ganja International Airport?

The airport code for Ganja International Airport is KVD.

Who is the tenant of Ganja City Stadium?

The tenant of Ganja City Stadium is Stade Montois in France.

What is another term for the drug ganja?

Ganja is a term for the drug Marijuana. There are a number of different terms for Ganja including weed and pot. In some countries the drug has been legalized.

What dubstep song is this?

It's "Ganja" by Sukh Knight. Wait, no, that's what I'm listening to. Really gotta' be more specific than "this".

Is ganja a drug?

Ganja is another word for marijuana. Many people dont consider it a drug, but it is technically a drug.

What are the ratings and certificates for Ganja and Hess - 1973?

Ganja and Hess - 1973 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Who wrote the song 'Ganja Farmer'?

The controversial song Ganga Farmer was written and performed by Marlon Asher. It was the first hit of a the short career for Marlon and he has gone on to release three bigger hits. The song was release in 2006.

What is the difference between non fiction and novel?

Non-Fiction is a ganja. It is only one subject. A novle can be any ganja.

Who sings you are the ganja man?

If you're looking for the DnB mix of the song, DJ Krome & Mr Time mix it from the album '10 Years of DnB'.

What is the meaning of the song sad sad city by Ghostland Observatory?

you must do this than that this: drink juice that: eat pie

What is cannabis called in India?


Botanical name for ganja?


What is Hemp called in Hindi?


What is Hindi name of Marijuana?