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The scientific name for veins that are close to the surface is superficial veins. These are the veins you can see under your skin.

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What causes veins to appear close to surface. why do bruise marks appear for unkown reasons?

Superficial vein is a term used to describe a vein that is close to the surface of the body. It is used to differentiate veins that are close to the surface from veins that are far from the surface, known as deep veins. Superficial veins are important physiologically for cooling of the body. When the body is too hot the body shunts blood from the deep veins to the superficial veins, to facilitate heat transfer to the surroundings. Superficial veins can be seen under the skin.

Why pulse are felt at specific body location?

Veins or arteries are close to the surface,

Are peripheral veins located close to the body surface?

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What is the meaning of veins?


Are veins or arteries more superficial in the body?

Veins tend to be more superficial, meaning they lie closer to the surface of the skin. Arteries usually, but not always, run deeper in the tissue than veins.

Why are arteries found deep within the body and veins are found closer to the surface?

Arteries are not close to the surface in most places on the body because they need to be protected. But there are many places, called endangerment sites, where they are close to the surface, so health care workers need to be cautious when working in these areas. Usually, in most place on the body arteries and veins are close together, so are nerves.

What causes the veins in your hand to become more visible?

The veins are closer to the surface.

Why are the viens close to the leg surface more vulnerable to varicose veins?

Varicose veins are caused by a defect in the valves directing one way flow inside the veins. When the valves are not functioning correctly, the blood backs up into the surface (superficial) veins and presents as varicosities. The reason that it is more likely to occur in the legs is that there is a greater fluid pressure caused by gravity's effect on the column of blood within your body.

What is the medical term meaning a structure located close to the surface or skin?

You can call it Superficial

What kinds of varicose veins are there?

Following are varicose veins found in the body.* Trunk varicose veins – These are near to the surface of the skin and are thick and knobbly* Reticular varicose veins – these are red and sometimes grouped close together in a network.* Telangiectasia varicose veins – also known as thread veins or spider veins, these are small clusters of blue or red veinsIf you want more information related to varicose veins do visit Endovascular Experts.

Why are the veins in your hand swollen?

close to the skin surface and the skin is thinner/ less fat. Very normal unless more prominent than normal.

What kinds of veins are there?

There are three types of veins, superficial veins that are just beneath the surface of the skin, deep veins that are large blood vessels found deep inside muscles, and perforator veins that connect the superficial veins to the deep veins.

What Planet has a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius?

Venus has a surface temperature close to this.Venus has a surface temperature close to this.Venus has a surface temperature close to this.Venus has a surface temperature close to this.

What type of veins does poison ivy have?

Opposite venation which combine to configure a loose "v" is the type of veins which poison ivy has. The veins lack a raised appearance despite being close to the surface. They quickly ooze urushiol oil since the entire plant seems poised to release the toxin.

Which is the medical term meaning swollen veins?

Varicose veins, swollen tortuous veins, are called varices in medical terms.

What is the medical term meaning without veins?

Avenous means without veins

Does a cactus have parallel or netted veins?

A cactus is a dicot, meaning it has a taproot. Dicots have netlike veins, therefore cacti have netlike veins.

How deep can a superficial cut be?

For the record I am not a doctor; however, I do believe that a superficial cut is considered a surface cut meaning a minor cut not serious. For instance, a cut on your finger from a knife that is not deep without any veins, tendons, or bone cut is a superficial cut. A superficial cut is a non emergency cut one that is close to the surface of the skin. Save

Do jellyfish live close to the surface or deep in the sea?

close to the surface

What is the medical term meaning coronary arteries and veins?

Coronary arteries and veins are the coronary vessels

What is the meaning of netted leaf veins?


What is difference between capillaries and veins?

Capillaries are smaller, thinner and have less surface area than veins. Veins take blood to the heart, and capillaries are the thin tubes that connect the veins and arteries together.

What is the medical term meaning distended or tortuous veins usually found in the lower extremities?

Varicose Veins.

Why can you see your veins through your skin?

becouse you can they are close up :)

Why do the veins pop out so much on your arms and legs?

The veins in arms and legs are closer to skin surface,some people have more prominent visable veins than others.

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