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If you see withdrawal tr on your ATM mini statement, it means you had a withdrawal transaction. A withdrawal is opposite of a deposit.

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Q: What is the meaning of withdrawal tr in ATM mini statement?
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What is the meaning of NWD in Bank Statement?

NWD is and ATM card withdrawal from other bank.

How do you take mini statement from ATM?


What does bnkm on a bank statement mean?

This is an ATM withdrawal, Not sure of the exact bank. This could be HSBC ATM, but not sure.

What does mean mini statement in ATM?

it is a type of statement to know the enquire the detail of a account...

What does ATM mean on a mini statement mean?

automatic teller machine

What do you mean 20130412 CBY I in mini statement of bank ATM?

CBY means

What does OD SC mean on a ATM mini statement?

Because its allergic to cats?

What would appear in the credits column of a bank statement for a checking account?

out of an online bill payment, bank fees, an ATM withdrawal, and a direct deposit it is direct deposit

What is the difference between POS and ATM withdrawal?

The difference between POS and ATM withdrawal is where the transaction takes place. A POS withdrawal is typically cash back at a point of sale at a retailer while an ATM withdrawal takes place at an ATM.

What is the meaning of pdn in hdfc ATM statement slip?

what is meanig for PDN debit in HDFC bank atm slip

What does ptb mean on a bank statement from RBC?

The acronym PTB is used to indicate an ATM withdrawal. This can be found on the bank statement for RBC bank.

Does fast cash from ATM show up on card statement?

Yes. Any sort of deposit or withdrawal transaction you do in an ATM will show up in your card statement. Even though fast cash may sound like a totally different type of transaction, it is just a quicker way of cash withdrawal and so it is supposed to show up in your card statement.

What is an ATM and what is it's purpose?

An ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. It is a machine that is connected to a banks network which is accessible to all the banks customers. Every customer is given a magnetic card which is specific to their account and customers can access their bank account using their respective card in the ATM. They can avail services like balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, print out mini-statement, transfer funds using an ATM.

Can you withdrawal money at a ATM without your card?


What is the maxium withdrawal at atm machine?

The maximum withdrawal amount is fixed by the bank and depends when and where you are using the ATM i.e whether Nationaly or Internationally.

Can you withdraw MOD balance from ATM?

yes, as per daily limit of ATM withdrawal

How can you tell the bank account number from card?

You cannot. An ATM card number and the corresponding bank account number are seldom the same. The only way to find it is to use the correct PIN number for that ATM card and then try to get a mini statement advice from the ATM machine. The bank statement will contain the account number linked to this ATM card.

What is the ATM withdrawal limit for chase?

As of December 2013, Chase increased its ATM withdrawal limit to $250. It also increased the spending limit on its debit card to $1,000.

How do you do an ATM withdrawal in Landbank?

by using debit or credit cards

What is maximum amount of citibank ATM card withdrawal?


The ATM monthly withdrawal limit for a standard cardholder is?


What is the meaning of ATM in marathi?


What would appear in the Debits column of a bank statement for a checking account?

An online bill payment APEX

What does ATM RFD mean?

The words ATM RFD on a bank statement have to do with ATM machine use. ATM RFD means ATM refund.

When you go to an ATM and the transaction is denied does the withdrawal fee still apply?