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Muhammad ( PBUH ) is the Prophet of Islam.

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What is the meaning of Muaz Muhammad in Islam?

The meaning of the name Muaz Muhammad in Islam is "rich healer."

What is the meaning of Muaz Muhammad in Islam-?

The meaning of Muaz Muhammad in Islam is basically "rich healer" or rich doctor."

What was Muhammad Ali's occupation?

Akáshic meaning

What was Muhammad Ali's occupation?

Akáshic meaning

What is the meaning of the name Muhammad?

The name Muhammad means "Praiseworthy" and occurs four times in the Qur'an.

What is the title of hazrat Muhammad?

There are many titles of Muhammad pbuh ,most important is Khatumun Nabe,en meaning last prophet .

What is the name for a leader of first Muslims meaning successor to Muhammad?


What did Muhammad say about the Kaba?

Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Say,s Which Meaning IS " Kaba is SHAA-e-IR ISLAM (Sign of ALLAH) "

What is the meaning of name Ayesha?

Ayesha,was Wife of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him

What is the Hebrew word for Muhammad?

Muhammad (and all of its variant spellings) is an Arabic name. It has no meaning in Hebrew. The root of this name in Hebrew is ח מ ד which means delightful, or charming.Muhammad is spelled מוחמד in Hebrew.

What was Muhammed's occupation?

Refering to Allah, Muhammad was Allahs messenger. Meaning, he wrote the Qu'ran.

Which name is correct Mohammed or mohamet?

are u referring to Prophet Muhammad? is that's the case, then it is Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad is also known as Ahmad. It carry the same meaning. There no Islamic name as far as i know that have Mohamet. Mohamet is a wrong spelling.

What does the name muhammadd mean?

The name Muhammad does have a meaning. How ever it does have significance name Muhammad is the name of a Muslim prophet who brought down the holy book (Quran) and told the world about it.

What is the meaning of the prophet's name Muhammad?

The one with so many great morals, the praised one.

What does the word Muhammad mean?

The name Muhammad is the transliteration of an Arabic name that comes from the Arabic passive participle from the Triconsonantal root of H-M-D ("praise"), meaning "the praised one".

What is the meaning of the name Maria?

Maria is Spanish for Mary. maria was the wife of holy Prophet Muhammad saw

What is meaning of umamah?

Some say young mother. But certainly prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)s granddaughter.

Who was the firstruler of mughal empire?

Zaheer-u-din Muhammad. he was called by the name babur meaning tiger.

What is the meaning of Abbasid?

The Abbasids were an Arab dynasty descended from Abbas, uncle of Muhammad, who supplanted the Umayyads in ad 750.

The Arabic meaning of sallallahu alaiyhi assallam?

May Allah's peace and blessings be upon (Prophet Muhammad, His Messenger)

What is the meaning of Ahmed?

The name Ahmed is mentioned in Quran, the Muslims Holy Book. Ahmed is an Arabic name which means 'the praised for good character and conduct' also' the thankful to God (Allah)'. It is one of names of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Ahmed has the same meaning as the other names of the prophet, namely Muhammad and Mahmoud. Muhammad may be spelled Muhammed, Mohammad, Mohammed, Mohamad, Mohamed, or Mohamet.

What is the Arabic meaning of mohd?

It is the abbreviation of the name Muhammad. It meaningless in Arabic other than the fact that it's used for shortness.

What is the meaning of prophets Muhammad name Uhban?

Ibn Aws al-Aslani RA, a companion of the prophet PBUH, had this name.

What is the meaning of the name Javairia?

One who spreads happiness or unites It is also the name of one of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) wives

Where did Islam form?

Arabia. Muhammad is the central prophet of the Islamic faith. Muhammad was commanded by Allah (God) to recite the words that would later become Islam's holy book, the Qur'an (or Koran). Muhammad was repeatedly called into battle in his efforts to unite Arabia behind the faith known as Islam (meaning "submission"). After finally conquering Mecca in 630, Muhammad returned to Medina, where he died in 632.