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It depends on the size of the salt shaker. Two ounces of table salt is equal to 56.7 grams. Three ounces of table salt is equal to 85.05 grams.

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Q: What is the measurement of a salt shaker?
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What simple machine is a salt shaker?

because it is a salt shaker

Explain a scenario for testing a salt shaker?

testing a salt shaker is a very easy scenario. Fill the shaker with salt. Shake the salt shaker upside down over your hand. If salt comes out, it works.

How do you get salt to flow out of a salt shaker in the summer?

Put uncooked rice in the bottom of the shaker. The rice will absorb the atmospheric moisture instead of the salt, and the salt will flow out of the shaker better.

When was Salt Shaker - song - created?

Salt Shaker - song - was created on 2004-01-27.

Who is a salt shaker?

This is a small container for salt.

Do you put rice in the pepper shaker?

you put rice in a salt shaker because rice sucks up water so the salt does not get wet.

What useful inventions use salt?

the salt shaker

How do you put salt on pineapple?

Begin by lifting the salt shaker off the table. Hold directly over the pineapple. Flip shaker downward. Watch salt fall from shaker. Congratulations. You just salted your pineapple.

What is equal to 70 grams of salt salt shaker spoon little bag of salt or salt can?

80 g table salt may be contained in a salt shaker but also in a little plastic bag or in a can.

What rhymes with coffeemaker?

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Where will you find fine crystals?

In a salt shaker. In a salt shaker. Quartz, salt, sugar, ice, or anything that forms a crystalline form of structure highly transparent.

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