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i think mechanism is that,,thin layer chromatography is basically separation of mixture,and sample might adsorb on silics is adsorption mechanism

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What is the principle of separation of compounds by thin layer chromatography?

principle of separation of compounds by thin layer chromatography is on different absorbent phases

What is Thin Layer Chromatography?

Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is a method of separating the components that are in a sample of a mixture.

What example chromatography?

Examples include the silica layer in thin layer chromatography

What are the types of thin layer chromatography?

what are the types of tcl chromatography

What has the author Bernard Fried written?

Bernard Fried has written: 'Thin-layer chromatography' -- subject(s): Thin layer chromatography

Are paper and thin layer chromatography types of planer chromatography?


Limitations of Thin Layer Chromatography?


What are 3 types of chromatography techniques?

1. thin -layer chromatography 2. gas chromatography 3. liquid chromatography

What is TLC in chemistry?

thin layer chromatography maybe?

What does TLC stand for in chemistry?

It stands for thin layer chromatography.

How can you use paper chromatography in your every day life?

it can be used in everyday life by liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, thin-layer chromatographyand paper chromatography.

A comparative view between paper and thin layer chromatography?

whats the comarative and the subjonctif of thin

Is Thin Layer Chromatography a good way to analyzes carbohydrates?

yer no

What is one difference between column and thin layer chromatography?

One difference between column and thin layer chromatography is that in column chromatography the stationary phase is powdered adsorbent placed in a vertical glass column. In thin lay chromatography, the stationary phase is also powdered adsorbent, but it is fixed to a plate made from glass, aluminum, or plastic.

What has the author F Geiss written?

F. Geiss has written: 'Fundamentals of thin layer chromatography (planar chromatography)'

What are the advantages of Thin layer chromatography over column chromatography?

One is faster and more flexible, the other is a bit heavier

What is thin layer electrophoresis?

Electrophoretic separation of a mixture of amino acids and peptides on a thin layer of silica gel.

What group of compound can be identified using iodine in thin layer chromatography?


What method can be used to separate the colours of a leaf?

For example thin-layer chromatography.

Distinguish between TLC and hptlc?

TLC is Thin layer Chromatography while HPTLC is High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography HPTLC is Automotive ,It has Scanner,Injector,Developer -al automated and controleed generally by Software

What is the name of this method on filter paper investigating coloured substances?

Paper (Adsorption) Chromatography or Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) or Solid-Liquid Chromatography (SLC)

What are the differences between column and thin layer chromatography?

In chromatographic terms, TLC has great advantages over the other chromatography modes, such as Liquid Chromatography (LC), Column Chromatography (CC), Gas Chromatography (GC) and High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).TLC's advantages are: (1) the ability to perform multiple analyses simultaneously; (2) speed and ease for scouting separation conditions, such as optimum solvent mixtures.

What are the advantages and limitations of column chromatography over thin layer chromatography?

Column chromatography can be scaled for a project. It is useful to separate and purify a reaction mixture, however it can take a long time. Thin layer chromatography is cheap and fast. However, it handles only very small amounts of compounds and is not good for uses outside of initial analysis.

What is the name for the technique used to separate the colours in an ink?

Thin layer chromatography (TLC)

Which chromatographic process has minimal equipment and space requirements?

(TLC) Thin-Layer Chromatography

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