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What is the medical definition meaning anatomy?


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Anatomy is a study of structure of human body and their physical relationships.

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Medical anatomy is very detailed. Paramedical anatomy is general.

Oncoanatomy is the medical term meaning study of the form and structure of neoplasms or tumors. It is a branch of gross anatomy.

The lumen is the size of an opening in anatomy. In terms of needle size, the word is guage.Lumen is the medical term meaning size of opening.

foul-smelling (medical definition) foul-smelling (medical definition)foul smelling, having an offensive odour

There is no such medical term. The kidneys are connected to the bladder by the ureters and this is normal anatomy

Encephalitis is the medical term meaning cerebral inflammation. Another definition would be inflammation of the brain.

The medical term meaning specialist in the study of tissue is "histologist". A histologist is a laboratory scientist who studies the anatomy and physiology of biological tissue samples.

Human physiology or i think a better answer would be anatomy. :)

I want the definition of this word lamina

Menorrhagia is the medical term meaning bursting forth of the menses. A more traditional definition would be excessive menstrual bleeding.

Pyuria is the medical definition for pus in the urine per the medical dictionary. This is called pyuria.

Grey's Anatomy is a medical show.

One of the 3 topics of pathological anatomy it is Medical Anatomy

Anatomy: study of the structures of the human body Physiology: study of functions of the structures

Anatomy is the examination of the structures of the body. Physiology is the functions of the body.

The basic vocabulary in anatomy is delivered by the teachers in medical school and from the anatomy text books

Yes, Gray's Anatomy is a medical textbook, but please note the correct spelling. It is not spelled like the tv series.

What is the definition of the medical term neonatal

If you mastered your anatomy and physiology studying in medical field will be easy since disease all evolves from deviation from normal physiology of a certain body part/organ and most of the medical terms were derived from its location / anatomy

The actual anatomy term for the hip joint is "Iliofemoral" joint. It could also be termed the "coccal" joint.

The medical definition of lipoatrophy is that it is an allergic reaction to insulin that is manifested as a loss in the subcutaneous fat layer. Aside from the medical definition this is the same definition that the non-medical community would also use.

Depends on the location. The descending aorta, the ascending aorta, etc... I would recommend a good anatomy book to aid you in your quest. I was in the medical field for thirteen years and its always helpful to look for these things on your own. Greys Anatomy is a great book to use.aortagram

No it is not it is a Medical Drama

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