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What is the medical term meaning abdomen?


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Abdominal, however the abdomen are divided into nine regions:

  1. epigastric
  2. right hypocondriac
  3. left hypocondriac
  4. right lumbar
  5. umbilical
  6. left lumbar
  7. right iliac
  8. hypogastric
  9. left iliac
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The medical term meaning firm abdomen could be abdominal rigidity.

Abdominopelvic is the medical term meaning pertaining to the abdomen and pelvis.

Distended abdomen is the medical term meaning protroding stomach.

The chest is between the neck and abdomen; the medical term for that area is the thorax.Thorax

Laparatomy is surgical incision of the abdomen.

Abdominothoracic means pertaining to the abdomen and thorax.

Abdominoinguinal mean pertaining to the groin and abdomen

Extraabdominal is the medical term meaning outside the abdomen. A related term, retroperitoneal, means behind the peritoneum.

The portion of the trunk below the abdomen is called the groin.

A soft abdomen is usually charted using those very words: "abdomen soft."

Ascitic means pertaining to ascites, which is enlargement of the abdomen due to fluid.

A laparoscope is an instrument for visual inspection inside the abdomen.

laparotomyincisionIt is called a Laparotomygastrotomy

Abdominoplasty is surgical repair of the abdomen. The procedure commonly known as a "tummy tuck" is abdominoplasty.

Abdominal aneurysmorrhaphy is the medical term meaning suture of an abdominal aneurysm. A localized balloonlike enlargement of an artery is an aneurysm.

whats the pulsatile bleeding medical term

Epigastric is the medical term meaning above the stomach. It generally refers to the are of the abdomen found superior to the bellybutton.

A scaphoid abdomen is one in which the stomach is "caved in." The abdomen may also be distended or gravid, as with obesity, ascites, or pregnancy.

Laparoscopy or Abdominoscopy (Abdomin/o/scopy) is an internal examination of the abdomen using an endoscope.

Excoriation is the medical term meaning scratch.

Syncope is the medical term meaning fainting.

Medial is the medical term meaning central.

Lethargic is the medical term meaning drowsy.

Sensation is the medical term meaning feeling.

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