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What is the menorah?

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The original menorah was of gold and stood in the Jewish Temple, as commanded in Exodus ch.25. It burned olive oil.

For the last 2200 years, another type of menorah is the ones that are lit during Hanukkah.

For most Jews, the centerpiece of Hanukkah is the Hanukkah-menorah, a nine-branched candelabrum, also sometimes called a Hanukkiah. As you look at a menorah, you will notice that one candle is set at a different level from the other eight. That one is called the Shammash, or helper candle. Jewish law states that the regular candles are for viewing and spreading the word of the miracle only, so the Shammash is used to light the others, and for any other purpose, such as for light to read by.

The menorah itself may be made in almost any manner - glass, aluminum or other metals. Menorahs may be sleek and contemporary, or flowery and ornate, and may incorporate decorations such as the Tree of Life.

The menorah should be placed in a manner that is as visible as possible to the public, to publicize the miracle of Hanukkah. Depending on custom, some families light the menorah in a doorway, or a window, or some other place that is highly visible.

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The original menorah was of gold and stood in the Jewish Temple, as commanded in Exodus ch.25. It burned olive oil.
For the last 2200 years, another type of menorah is the ones that are lit during Hanukkah. See also the Related Link.

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What are the colors on a menorah?

There are no traditional colors for a menorah.

What symbols and Hebrew script are on a menorah?

A menorah can have any design or words on it. It depends on the menorah. There is no rule about this.

Show me the labels on a menorah?

a menorah doesn't have labels.

What colors are appropriate for a menorah?

There is no rule about the colors of a menorah.

How did the menorah get its name?

The menorah got its name from the relevant verses in Exodus ch.25.See also:More about Hanukkah and the menorah

How many columns are in a menorah?

The Menorah in the Temple had 7 columns.The Menorah lit by Jews on Chanuka has 9 columns.

What is the menorah called for Kwanzaa?

For Kwanzaa, kinara is the word for menorah.

What do they eat on Menorah?

a menorah is a candle holder. You can't eat on it.

Why are the candles on the menorah blue?

The candles on the Menorah can be of any color.

When do you take the menorah down in Hanukkah?

The tradition is that the menorah should burn until the candles are gone. When the menorah extinguishes itself, it is safe to put the menorah away until the next time.

Who lights the candles on the menorah?

In some households, each person lights a separate menorah. In others, the father of the family lights the menorah.

Where did the menorah come from?

It was first described in Exodus ch.25. In that context it is the 7-branched menorah for the Temple, not the eight-branched Hanukkah-menorah.

When is the first candle placed on the Menorah?

The Menorah should preferably be lit immediately at nightfall. If necessary, however, the Menorah can be lit late into the night. It is best to wait until all members of the household are present to light the Menorah. The Menorah should remain lit for at least 30 minutes after nightfall. On Friday afternoon, the Menorah should be lit before sundown.

How do you spell menorah?

That is the correct spelling (menorah) of a multi-armed Jewish candlestick.

What prayers do you say when you light a menorah?

what prayers do we say when you lighting the hanukkah menorah

What is the colors on a menorah?

the menorah can be any color and the candles too. most Jewish people have a silver menorah to make the mitzvah prettier for g-d.

When do you use the menorah?

You use the Menorah on special occasions such as, anniversaries, birthdays and weddings.Answer:The Hanukkah-menorah is lit on the eight evenings of Hanukkah (and at no other time).

What is the Jewish menorah?

The original menorah was a 7 branch candelabra that stood in the Temple. Today, most synagogues have replicas of the menorah in their sanctuaries. Many people mistakenly call the candelabra used for the holiday of Channukah a menorah, the correct name for that candelabra is 'channukiah'. Unlike the 7 branch menorah, a channukiah has 9 branches.

What does the colors on the menorah mean?

There is no significance to the colors of any menorah. It's a matter of style.

What is a menorah lamp?

A menorah lamp is a candle holder/candelabra used by the Jewish people.

Does the menorah has seven candles?

The menorah of the Holy Temple had 7 oil lamps (Exodus ch.25). However the specialized Hanukkah menorah (Chanukiah) has 9 candles.

Is there a menorah lighting in Downtown Seattle this year?

Yes, Seattle has a menorah lighting every year.

How low can the menorah be?

The menorah can be no lower than 3 Tefachim from the ground which is about 24cm or 9.5 inches.

When was Bruno Meyer - Menorah - born?

Bruno Meyer - Menorah - was born in 1938.

What is a Hanukkah candle holder called?

It's called a menorah, a Hanukkah-menorah, or (in Israel) a Hanukkiah.