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It's known as a cobblers last


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Anythign to do with metal workingMake and repair tools, cookware and other metal implements.Make horseshoes and shoe horsesMake and repair harnessMake weaponsetc.

You would call a person who does shoe repair a cobbler.

Shoe repairs are less expensive than buying new ones. With that said, many people go to shoe repair shops. A person can make a decent living by being in the shoe repair business. Therefore, there is a market for used shoe repair equipment.

a horse shoe is made of metal

Shoe repair employees in 2001 totaled a mere 3,400

yes it will close the shoe.

There are at least three different good shoe repair locations in the New York area. One is Erik Shoe Repair on 353 Grand Street in the Lower East Side. Another is Minas Shoe Repair on 67 Wall Street in the Financial District. And a third is Roma Shoe Repair on 249 E 78th St in the Upper East Side.

Consider a shoe repair shop.

Shoe repair basically makes shoes as good as new with shine, polish, sole replacements and the likes.

Most shoe repair shops can repair zippers. Check the local listings for shoe repairs and call to ask them if they can do the repair.

You can make as much money as your business brings in for shoe repair. A lot depends if you have your own business or if it is online.

DC do not stand for anything they stand for DC shoes.

A shoe repair kiosk or shop.

A Cobbler is primarily a shoe maker. However most do shoe repair and rebuilding.

The shoe repair when I was a child called it a side tap. The heel on the bottom was covered with a wedge of rubber or even metal, depending on what the customer wanted. Metal taps made a clicking sound when one walks on them, the rubber ones did not.

No, 'Shoe Goop ' is better.

A C and a Y are used in kids' athletic shoe sizes.

Wow, a tough one...if the store where you bought it doesn't offer repair services, or you can't send it back to the manufacturer, try You might be able to find a link to a repair service you could send your machine to for fixing.

How to repair rust hole in an insulated metal garage door

Grinding noise is metal to metal contact between the brake pads and brake rotor or break shoe and brake drum. Prolonged contact between metal to metal can result in front or rear brake failure.

No, but I believe Shoe Goop will make a better repair than hot glue.

It is often on a metal stand.

Jerry Steven Winkle placed detection coil's inside bootsole's at Step-N-Out instant shoe repair at the San Buenaventura mall Ventura, Ca. In 1985.

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