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What is the metric equivalent of a butt load?

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Get a load of this...There is an exact unit of volume called the butt.

See Webster's dictionary:

Butt: a measure of liquid capacity equal to 126 gallons or two hogs heads.

From another dictionary:

An English butt is 2 hogshead of 54 imperial gallons each or ~129.7 US gallons (i.e., a UK butt is apparently slightly bigger than a US one).

A Spanish butt is based on a wine cask and is equivalent to 140 US gallons or ~116.6 UK gallons (i.e., a Spanish butt is bigger still).

So next time someone says they have a "butt load" of stuff, just remember, that is about two 55-gallon barrels worth of stuff.

To recap...1 butt equals:
  • 2 hogsheads (this is probably the easiest to remember for social occasions)
  • 476.961 liters
  • 126 gallons
  • 104.917 UK gallons
  • 13.5347 bushels
  • 0.131592 cords
  • 11.6574 firkins
  • 4032 gills
  • 21504 ponys
  • 4032 noggins
  • 1008 pints
  • 96768 teaspoons
  • 12.0308 ephahs
  • 1.58987x10^7 drops
  • 10752 jiggers
  • 16128 shots
  • 629.504 wine bottles
  • 630 fifths
And the punchline...One microbutt = 0.0968 teaspoons.
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an a-r-s-e load

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What does 10.9 refer to on a metric bolt?

10.9 on a metric bolt indicates the hardness (or load, tensile strength, and hardness) of the bolt. This is almost as high as they get and is about the equivalent to a grade 8 SAE or USS bolt. 8.8 is also a common metric hardness.

How many cubic smidgens are in a butt-load?

I was going to say 144, but that's gross.

What is the metric equivalent of a kilometer?

A kilometer is already a metric unit.

What is the metric equivalent of the foot?

it's about 34.5 cm.ANS 2 - the metric equivalent of a Foot is 30.4 cm

How many lbs is a metric ton?

There are 2204.6 lbs in 1 metric ton (1000 kg).2204.623A metric ton is equivalent to 1,000 kilograms (kg). A kilogram is equivalent to 2.2046 pounds (lb). Hence, a metric ton is equivalent to 2,204.6 lb. a ton= 2000lbsa metric ton= 1000 Kg

How many metric tons in a ship load?

That depends on the size of the ship.

How do you write butt kisser in German?

The German equivalent of "butt kisser" is "Arschlecker" or "Arschkriecher"

What metric unit is equal to 1 liter?

The metric equivalent of 1 liter is 1 litre.

Is a quart part of the metric system?

No, it is not part of the metric system. A quart is equivalent to .95 liters.

1.5 liters is equivalent to how many metric cups?

1.5L = __ metric cups 4 metric cups=1L 1.5 x 4= 6.0 metric cups Jenny

What has the author Wajeeh Uddin Nakhshab Butt written?

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What is the equivalent measures of metric system?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Metric system - Wikipedia".

Mls equivalent to teaspoons?

1ml is 1/5 metric tsp 1 metric tsp is 5ml

How many metric tons of carbon equivalent are in 84500000 pounds?

84,500,000 pounds = 38,328.5553 metric tons.

What is a cc in metric?

It is a cubic centimetre, which is equivalent to a millilitre.

What is the decimal equivalent of one tenth of an inch?

decimal equivalent = 0.1 inchmetric equivalent = 2.54 mm

Is yard a unit of measurement in the metric system?

No - a yard is a unit in the imperial system - its metric equivalent is 0.9144 metres.

Why secondary terminal voltage decreases with increase in load?

An increase in load (equivalent to a decrease in resistance*) causes an increase in load current. This increases the internal voltage drop within the transformer, and the terminal voltage reduces accordingly.[*An increase in load means more current is being drawn by that load, so an increase in load is equivalent to a decrease in load resistance]

What are some major events in Mali history?

When Mali found they were living on a butt load of gold

Why do camels walk slowly?

because there is usually a butt load of stuff they have to haul as well as people on them

What is the meaning of the butt?

It is a volume of wine equivalent to 104 gallons.

Did they use meteric weight in bible days?

No. They used the talent, mina, shekel, pim, beka, and gerah for weights;Talent (60 minas), approx. American equivalent=75 lbs, approx. metric equivalent= 34 kilograms.Mina (50 shekels), approx. American equivalent= 1 1/4 lbs, approx metric equivalent= 0.6 kilogram.Shekel (2 bekas), approx. American equivalent= 2/5 ounce, approx. metric equivalent= 11.5 gramsPim (2/3 shekel), approx. American equivalent= 1/3 ounceBeka (10 gerahs), approx. American equivalent= 1/5 ounce, approx. metric equivalent= 5.5 grams.Gerah, approx. American equivalent= 1/50 ounce, approx. metric equivalent= 6.6 gram.

What is the metric equivalent of1 inch?

AN inch is 25.4 millimetres.

What it the metric unit for cups?

A cup is a recognised standard measure mainly in the US. Its metric equivalent is 237 ml, approx.

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