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What is the metric unit used for measuring time?

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there is no real metric unit. The SI unit is the second

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measuring temperature the metric system of °C is used.

No a meterstick is a tool used for measuring..mass, volume, time, length, and temperature are all metric units

The SI unit for time is the second. Time is also measured in milliseconds, minutes, and hours. These are a few of the most common units used for measuring time in the metric system.

Units of length, such as mm, are used for this.

A dekameter would be the appropriate, but rarely used, unit.

There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.

you use a measuring cup to measure, that is the tool, but the unit is liters or milliliters

The customary unit is called the Btu, or British thermal unit. The metric unit is the joule. The joule is the standard metric unit for measuring any type of energy, including heat.

Joules are the metric units used to measure energy. When you are working with any form of energy you state them in joules.

Volume is the part of the metric system used. The unit would be litres.

Beakers are used for liquids, so they would be used to measure liquid volume. The metric units of volume are the liter(L) and the milliliter (mL)

Degrees Celsius. Absolute (SI units) are Kelvin=degC+273.15

Nowadays, due to the British adoption of the metric system: kilograms

The SI unit of measurement for temperature is the kelvin(K). Celsius is not an SI unit (it is a metric unit), but may be used alongside it.

For measuring small lengths in metric.

Meters. Km. Cm. Mm. Microns. DB meter. Deca meters.

A litre, which is used for measuring the volume of liquid. A kilometre, which measures distance. A kilogram, which measures weight.

The liter is the metric unit used for determining volume.

In 1960 the metric system was revised to create the SI system. In SI the base unit of mass is the kilogram, to avoid confusion with earlier versions of the metric system the prefixes are still applied to grams.

A basic unit of volume in the metric system is a liter. Volume is the amount of space an object takes up. The most accurate tool used to measure volume is a graduated cylinder. Answer In SI, the unit of volume is the cubic metre. While the litre is a metric unit, it is NOT an SI unit.

The metric system is used for measuring anything and everything.

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