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What is the military budget?

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Military expenditures for the World for 2007 were estimated at 1.2 trillion dollars and the United States was number 1 in 2008 with military expenditures of over 580 billion dollars.

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What is the budget of Military Health System?

The budget of Military Health System is 42,000,000,000 dollars.

What is the budget of Oklahoma Military Department?

The budget of Oklahoma Military Department is 46,000,000 dollars.

What is the budget of Military of Cape Verde?

The budget of Military of Cape Verde is 7,180,000 dollars.

What is the budget of Military of the Dominican Republic?

The budget of Military of the Dominican Republic is 180,000,000 dollars.

What is the budget of California State Military Reserve?

The budget of California State Military Reserve is 618,000 dollars.

What did President Ronald Reagan not favor cutting from his budget?

He did not favor deep cuts in the military budget.

The largest allocation in the federal budget goes to?


How much money is spent on the German military?

As of 2011 the defense budget was 305.8 Euros or 10.8% of the overall budget.

How much does the us spend on military?

they have a budget of 663.8 billion

What is the most expensive program in the federal budget?

Military spending

Is the single most expensive program in the federal budget?


What were the powers vested in the congress?

they were able to give a budget to the military

Is the word military capitalized?

It depends on how it is used; as a common noun ...'the American military budget was increased...' then no, it is not.

Were is Ireland ranked in military power?

59th, as far as budget goes.

What is the key difference between the federal budget and individual state budgets?

Federal a national budget with funds to support the military, and federal programs. The state budget is only for that state.

What were the military causes for the new imperialism?

Justification for officer promotion Justification for military budget increases Bases needed for military vessels Military training grounds National security backup forces

Why did Soviet Union disintregraled?

Short answer is economic collapse. Military budget was unsustainable.

What are 5 important roles of the president?

Budget Military sepreme court vancencys.

What is Mexico's military budget?

For FY2015-2016, the military budget of Mexico is around USD 7.65 billion, distributed among the air force, the army and the navy (Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, Ejercito Mexicano, Armada Mexicana).

What the annual budget for the US Military Sexual Assault Response Coordinators is?

You how what?! I don't know!

How do you write a sentence with the word procurement?

Military procurement is an essential part of the nation's annual budget .

What are the top 10 strongest military powers in the world?

USAAnnual Defense Budget $515,000,000,000Military Personnel 1,385,000Population reaching military age annually 4,266,128Fighter Jets 22,700Navy Ships 1,600Purchasing power $13,780,000,000,00CHINAAnnual Defense Budget $59,000,000,000Military Personnel 2,255,000Population reaching military age annually 20,470,412Fighter Jets 2,400Navy Ships 760Purchasing power $7,099,000,000,000RUSSIAAnnual Defense Budget $43,000,000,000Military Personnel 1,245,000Population reaching military age annually 1,602,673Fighter Jets 6,500Navy Ships 525Purchasing power $2,097,000,000,000INDIAAnnual Defense Budget $33,000,000,000Military Personnel 1,325,000Population reaching military age annually 22,229,373Fighter Jets 1,250Navy Ships 145Purchasing power $2,966,000,000,000UKAnnual Defense Budget $53,000,000,000Military Personnel 195,000Population reaching military age annually 784,520Fighter Jets 2,670Navy Ships 140Purchasing power $2,130,000,000,000FRANCEAnnual Defense Budget $62,000,000,000Military Personnel 225,000Population reaching military age annually 783,788Fighter Jets 1,900Navy Ships 135Purchasing power $2,075,000,000,000GERMANYAnnual Defense Budget $46,000,000,000Military Personnel 250,000Population reaching military age annually 863,773Fighter Jets 1,100Navy Ships 130Purchasing power $2,807,000,000,000BRASILAnnual Defense Budget $24,000,000,000Military Personnel 287,000Population reaching military age annually 3,275,154Fighter Jets 1,650Navy Ships 90Purchasing power $1,849,000,000,000JAPANAnnual Defense Budget $44,300,000,000Military Personnel 378,000Population reaching military age annually 1,212,321Fighter Jets 2,700Navy Ships 150Purchasing power $4,272,000,000,000TURKEYAnnual Defense Budget $30,936,000,000Military Personnel 514,000Population reaching military age annually 1,298,979Fighter Jets 1,530Navy Ships 180Purchasing power $853,900,000,000Other strong armies not in top 10:PakistanNorth KoreaIndonesiaItalyIranAnd so on...This information was taken from one source so take the numbers as estimates.

What portion of the military budget is paid to mercenaries?

None. Mercenaries are illegal combatants under international law.

Is Mexico guns or butter economy?

Butter, definitely. Against several countries, Mexican budget on defense and military personnel numbers are comparatively small. It ranks in the 40th spot in terms of military and paramilitary forces (343,905, barely above Germany) and 27th in terms of military expenditures (US$6.98 billion, almost the same budget as Norway).

What is Syria's military strength defense budget number of troops and friendly and enemy countries?

See website: Syria

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