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what is the oil pressure for a 98 Ford f150 4.2l

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Usually low at idle and solution a mysteryย 
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Q: What is the min oil pressure for a 97 Ford F-150 4.2L?
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What is the minimum thickness for 2005 Ford F150 front brake rotors?

The min thickness should be stamped on the backside of the rotor, pull and examine.

What is min cutting spec for rear rotor on Ford 2006 F150?

Two wheel drive is 18.5mm minimum thickness. If not two wheel drive you can pull the rotors off and they will have the min stamped right there on the rotor.

How do you reset the check engine light on an 2004 Ford F150?

Without having a scan tool, you can disconnect the battery, and let sit for apx. 10 min., then reconnect.

Oil pressure gauge on 2000 Ford Explorer only works after about 10-15 min of driving Why?

Test with a mechanical gauge to accurately detemine oil pressure Could just be a defective oil pressure sensor

Why does my1987 ford e150 run and then dies have changed multiple parts checked for fuel pressure ok good spark runs couple of min then diescan restart but give a min will die again?

Have you check the distrbutor gear?

What should the water pressure be from the main into the house?

MIN pressure shall be 8 PSI

1989 ford f150 4x4 check engine light light on for 1-2 min when starting cold and rpm's low. never on when warm any ideas?

its normal for the ck engine light to be on during this time as it is running it engine cks

You just changed your battery and your alternator in your 97 f150 and the battery light is still on the dashboard why?

did you read your manual tun on engin in park run a min thein turn on ac for min that or you need new wires

What is thickness of brake disk on 1996 Ford Falcon?

front rotors are 25mm standard min is 22mm back rotors are 8.5mm min

How can you reset your computer on a 1996 Ford Bronco?

disconect battery for 5 min

Common acceptable water pressure for a commercial business?

Min 8 PSI

How do you convert liter per min to normal liter per min?

Using the gas law: PV= NRT you can get this conclusion: P1V1/T2= P2V2/T1 To simplify you can do this operation: (NL/min)/(P+1) = L/min P: is your Operating Pressure

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