What is the minimal interval between and you and the one you are following?

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What is minimalism?

A musical style based on stripping music to its bare minimum in all aspects. Often this means it is based on very simple repeating structures.

What is minimal?

Minimal can be different depending on the person. if a rich man thought of the minimal price on something to sell he might think millons of dollars. it depends on how you see anything in any quantity. Thanks for asking qwerman.

What is the difference between minimize and minimise?

One correct spelling (Oxford dictionary) in British English is minimize . Source: The Oxford dictionary, available online at: http://www.askoxford.com [Accessed 02/08/09] Another correct spelling is mimimise . Source: Allen, Robert, ed (2009). Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage . Oxford ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a site link's schedule and interval?

Schedule enables you to list weekdays or hours when the site link is available for replication to happen in the give interval. Interval is the re occurrence of the inter site replication in given minutes. It ranges from 15 - 10,080 mins. The default interval is 180 mins.

What are intervals?

1. A space between two objects, points, or units.. 2. The amount of time between two specified instants, events, or states.. 3. One of a series of predetermined distances covered at regular time increments with intermittent periods of rest in an athletic workout..

How do you get an interval?

to get an interval, you must first get an answer. cause if i give yo the answer, it would b wrong to get an interval you have to make a graph, or a histogram, then in that graph you would make the smallest number smaller by one, make the biggest number bigger by one, then round to a number between ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum surface interval required between a dive to 60 feet for 40 minutes followed by a dive to 50 feet for 60 minutes?

In table 1 (PADI RDP dive table), go to 60 at the top and follow it down to 42 which is the closest higher number. That is group Q. Flip to table 3, find 50 on the right and follow it to the left to 61 since there is no 60. That is group D. Go back to Group Q on table one and go across to find D. ( Full Answer )

How many minims are in one liter?

The minim is a unit of volume in both the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. Specifically it is 1⁄480 of a fluid ounce. Thus there are approximately 16,896 minims in one litre

What is the interval between d to a?

Perfect Fifth. In a D Major Scale, the tones are D E F# G A B C# D so if you count up from D with D as number one the fifth tone is the A. In this case you could also refer to it as a Major Fifth.

What is the difference between the interval and a scale?

Well... The interval is the DIFFERENCE between a number to the next on a scale. The scale is the SERIES OF NUMBERS starting at 0 to another number on the top of a graph. For example.... If the graph has 0-100 numbers on it...thats the scale. The 0-100 is the scale. I hope you understand.

What are the difference between interval scale and the ratio scale?

Interval scales have measurements which are an equal distance from each other. For example, the difference between a temperature of 70 degrees and 80 degrees is 10, which is the same as the difference between 40 degrees and 50 degrees. Ratio scales are similar to interval scales but include an ab ( Full Answer )

What is the interval between lines of latitude and longitude in the world atlas?

There is no official set of "lines". Some globes and maps have more lines, spaced closer together. Some globes and maps have fewer lines, spaced farther apart. Some globes and maps have no lines at all. We have no way of knowing how many latitudes and longitudes are marked on the map that you' ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between minimizing and closing a window?

When u minimize a window i makes it smaller so in a way its like u have put it to 1 side. Minimizing a window keeps it open and let processes that are using the window continue to run. You can restore a minimized window by clicking on its icon a the bottom of the screen. Closing a window "kills" it ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between minimize and minimalize?

Minimize means to physically make smaller, whereas to minimalize means to make smaller, but not necessarily physically. For instance, if you have a webpage with 100 buttons, you could minimize it using the button next to the close button. If you took out all of the buttons you didn't use, leaving 10 ( Full Answer )

How does one minimize concerns of cervical cancer?

HPV infections have been shown to increase chances of cervical cancer, so getting vaccinated against HPV is one way. Using condoms can help prevent not only cervical cancer, but many STDs as well. Not smoking and eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables can cut risk of all types of cancer and man ( Full Answer )

How can one minimize risk in driving?

The easiest way of minimizing the risk in driving is by obeying the rules of the road. If you do your part by sticking to the speed limit and taking other road users into consideration the risk of getting into an accident while driving will already be reduced. You have to remember that you will need ( Full Answer )

How many years is the interval between Olympic games?

The Summer Olympic games are held every 4 years, in years evenlydivisible by 4. The Winter Olympic Games are also held every 4years, offset by 2 years from the Summer Games. So there is atwo-year interval between any given Summer Olympics and thepreceding or following Winter Games. The change to the ( Full Answer )

How much should be the interval between two ejaculation in man?

There is no time limit for things like this. The seminal fluids and sperm are being constantly replaced so will never run out completely. Obviously, if you are ejaculating continuously you will temporarily run dry, but give yourself time to recover and you will be ready to go again. You should be ab ( Full Answer )

What is the the minimum interval between your vehicle and the one you are following?

Answer 1 Three seconds. . Answer 2 In the United Kingdom and most of Europe, it is advised that you leave at least one whole car length between you and the vehicle in front. If the road is wet or icy, you are advised to leave at least two whole car lengths between you and the vehicle in ( Full Answer )

What are the intervals between notes in a chord?

Depends on the chords you are talking about. Major chords have a major third then a minor chord Minor chords have a minor third and then a major chord Augmented chords have two major thirds Diminished chords have two minor thirds

What are the similarities between interval scale and ratio scale?

In both cases, if the differences between two pairs of measurements are the same then the differences between the variable being measured is the same. So the difference in the amount of thermal energy between 5 deg C and 10 deg C is the same as the diff between 20 deg C and 25 deg C. Such a relati ( Full Answer )

What does minimalism?

Minimalism uses the least amount of features as possible to create and effect. It gives an emphasis on the pure forms of things.

How can one minimize the risk of a boat crash?

There are a number of things one can do to minimize the risk of a boat crash. Courses on safety and the laws governing boat operation are available and are mandatory in many states and provinces. One should be aware of their surroundings and the other watercraft around them. It is very important ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between confidence interval and standard deviation?

Short answer, complex. I presume you're in a basic stats class so your dealing with something like a normal distribution however (or something else very standard). You can think of it this way... A confidence interval re-scales margin of likely error into a range. This allows you to say something ( Full Answer )

How does one minimize one's internet browser?

One's internet browser can be minimized in a quick and easy way. One should look for a yellow icon on the top of the browser. By clicking on the yellow icon, the screen will be minimized and the user can return to their browser whenever necessary.

Where can one find information on minimizers?

Manufacturers of minimiser bras, such as Triumph, have information on their websites about the products they offer. Wedding forums and websites contain information about choosing the best minimiser to wear for this type of occasion. Family and community forums also offer advice and information.