What is the minimum amount of physical activity necessary to achieve health benefits?


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20 minutes a day, two days out of the week

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Done specifically to achieve or maintain fitness.

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The important part in physical fitness is the so called the readiness of the individual who will perform such activity. That person should do warm up exercise before anything else. Because in order to prevent fracture on joints and muscle due to the coming activity. He/she must be motivated in order to achieve such goal in his/her health.

A game is a human social activity requiring physical or mental skill in which individuals or groups compete or cooperate to achieve an objective according to fixed rules.

Nursing Diagnosis:Activity IntoleranceR/T difficulty breathingState subjective and objective informationExpected Outcomes:Patient will achieve a measurable increase in activity tolerance as evidenced by reduced fatigue and weakness and by vital signs within acceptable limits during physical activity by (date) Nursing Interventions:When getting pt up, observe for symptoms of intolerance such as nausea, pallor, dizziness, visual dimming, and impaired consciousness.Assess vital signs before and after physical activity.Gradually increase activity allowing the pt to assist with positioning, transferring, and self care.

you need good and positive thinking,daily routine of some physical activity of your choice,good high fibre food and a good companion for wellness in life.

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If you yourself are into all types of physical fitness and you like to help other people achieve their health and fitness goals, then there is no other occupation for you. The benefits may not always be financial but the psychological benefits are quite rewarding. A lot of people these days are becoming personal trainers. If you decided to do this then be a good one. Study, help people, and become an example yourself.

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The power to weight ratio is the power generated divided by the person's body weight. It benefits athletes because the greater the PWR is, the less physical effort the athlete has to do to achieve a goal. Endurance athletes, such as mounain bikers, tiatheletes, etc. will benefit from a greater PWR.

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physical fitness helps you achieve personal wellness because you need to exercise regularly and have a healthy diet to be physically fit and being physically fit is being healthy or wealthy

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