What is the minimum wage in the NHL?

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The minimum NHL player salary in 2005-06 and 2006-07 will be $450,000; $475,000 in 2007-08 and 2008-09; $500,000 in 2009-10 and 2010-11, and $525,000 in 2011-12 (to the extent the CBA is extended by the Union).
What happens with players who have contracts for 2005-06 for less than the minimum salary?
The player's contract may be bought out. If the contract is not bought out, his salary must be increased to the League minimum.
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What is the minimum wage?

The minimum wage The minimum wage is the lowest amount an employer may pay an employee for working as measured by payment unit per time unit; equivalently in economics, it is the lowest price a worker may charge for the sale of their labour. This varies according to currency (for obvious reasons) ( Full Answer )

What is minimum wage?

7.25Minimum wage is the lowest wage allowed by law. Most states have aminimum wage of $7.75 to $8.00 per hour.

What is the minimum wage in Minnesota?

All employers who fall under the Federal Fair Labor Standards act (enterprise with annual receipts of $500,000 or more): $7.25 per hour. This supersedes state law ($6.15 per hour for enterprises with less than $625,000 in annual receipts.) Small employer: $5.25 per hour.

How much is minimum wage in the NFL?

Answer: The minimum salary in the NFL is $260,000 per year. The scale goes up for each year of service and - according to his position. The minimum for a rookie is $260,000 per year and that rises to $765,000 per year for a player who has played six or more years in a NON skilled position. For a ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum salary for an NHL rookie?

The minimum salary for an NHL rookie is $ 875,00. However, he can earn a set amount of what is called Schedule A and Schedule B bonuses from both the team and league.. Correction: $875,000 is the MAXIMUM entry-level salary. (Not counting bonuses.). The minumum salary for a rookie is the same as an ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum age to play in the NHL?

Although in the past I believe there have been players as young as 16 years, today a players has to be 18 by a certain date ( I think it's Sept. 15 of his draft year) before he can be drafted or signed to a contract.

What is the minimum wage for dentists?

There is no 'minimum wage' for professions. They earn what they can in the area they choose to work. Actually, in the state of California to be considered an Exempt employee, there is a minimum wage for certain computer professionals and physicians/surgeons who work for someone other than themself. ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum wage now?

in 2008 it was $7.15 in 2009 it was $7.25 in 2010 it was $7.25 now in 2011 it is $7.25 that is the minimum wage thanks for asking at http://www.answers.com hope you enjoy by the way this answer is right if you think i am wrong go ahead and look on www.google.com you all rock:)

What is the minimum wage for waitresses in Iowa?

The minimum wage for waitresses in the state of Iowa is $3.25 perhour. The tips a waitress receives is believed to bring their totalincome above the federal minimum wage.

What is the minimum wage in Arizona?

The minimum wage in the state of Arizona is currently, as of 2014,$7.90 an hour adjusted annually based on the US consumer priceindex (CPI).

What was the minimum wage in the 1940's?

The minimum wage in the United States in the 1940s was 40 cents perhour. It was much less expensive to live on these wages during the40s.

What is the average minimum wage?

This depends on the region. Around the world, many places have no minimum wage. The average minimum wage is estimated at $0.20 an hour. Across the US: the average is about $7.50 an hour, whether counting by population or state. Across Canada: About $10 an hour.

What was Minimum wage in 1948?

Minimum wage in 1948 was $0.40 an hour. The average cost for a carwas $1,550, and the average gasoline price was only $0.26 a gallon.

Can congress regulate minimum wage?

Yes Congress can regulate the minimum wage. Congress also createdthe federal minimum wage in 1938. The current minimum wage is$7.25.

Advantages and disadvantages of minimum wage?

The advantages of a minimum wage is that from an employers perspective it tells workers of the level of training and productivity that is needed. For workers it provides protection from poverty (China anybody). However, if it is raised to high, it cause high unemployment and inflation's the costs of ( Full Answer )

What was the minimum wage in 1998?

In 1998 the minimum wage was $5.15. Today the present minimum wagehas risen only a little over two dollars since 1998 to $7.25.

Why do you have minimum wage?

To ensure that everyone gets a fair pay. At least to ensure that no one is taken advantage of. At least not too badly. No legislator or economist says the min wage is somehow "fair". It is simply a government dictate. Lawful, but not assured to be fair to employers or job seekers.

Does state minimum wage override federal minimum wage?

State laws never override the federal level. In some states the minimum wage is 2 dollars. Some states do not even mandate minimum wage but reference the federal minimum wage act as a guide. . For more information visit www.StateAndFederalPoster.com for all your labor law poster needs.

What is a minimum wage?

Minimum Wage mainly refers to the monthly, hourly or daily wage which is acceptable for any formal employee. It is important that the workers are not expected to sell their labor below the minimum standard. The minimum wage set can differ according to jurisdiction and applies to lower tier environme ( Full Answer )

What was minimum wage?

Minimum wage in 2008 was $6.55 per hour and now in 2011 it is $7.25 per hour.

What is the minimum wage in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica the parties are free to negotiate wages so long asthe wage does not fall below the minimum wage scale established bythe Ministry of Labor of Costa Rica. The minimum wage scale is settwice a year by the wage council of the Ministry of Labor. Each profession has a different minimum wag ( Full Answer )

What is minimum wage for servers in Washington?

Washington state does not allow a tip credit, so servers must be paid the state minimum wage of $8.55. Washington, D.C. allows a tip credit that brings minimum wage for tipped employees who qualify down to $2.77.

How much is minimum wage in 2010?

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 (as of January 1, 2010). Some states have a higher minimum wage (see related links for state minimum wages). Federal Minimum Wage History: 10/24/1938 $0.25 10/24/1939 $0.30 10/24/1945 $0.40 01/25/1950 $0.75 03/01/1956 $1.00 09/03/1961 $1.15 09/ ( Full Answer )

WHAT ARE your thoughts about minimum wage legislation?

All economists agree that min wage laws assure youth unemployment, low-skill worker unemployment, and thus young black and Hispanic unemployment. Yoots who WOULD get hired at wage rates lower than the min wage, are not worth hiring at the mandatory floor rate, so employers insist on skill or experi ( Full Answer )

What was the minimum wage in Florida in 2010?

The minimum hourly wage in Florida in 2010 was $7.25, the federallymandated minimum. The tip credit was $3.02, making a minimum wagefor tipped employees of $4.23 an hour.

What was the minimum wage in Georgia in 2010?

In 2010, the minimum wage in Georgia was $7.25 an hour, persuant tofederal minimum wage regulations. This was $2.13 for tippedemployees. State law requires employers who employ at least 6 employees andwho do not fall under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act to payat least $5.15 an hour.

Minimum wage in 2010?

The minimum wage rates for 2010 are as follows in Enland £5.80/ in America $8.25/ in Europe 8.86 euro. hope that helps.

What is minimum wage for waitresses in the us?

8.00 hr. on W. Coast (Ca) is among the highest but does vary from state to state & many make almost as much or more with tips as well, but are taxable too.

What is the minimum wage for servers in Ontario?

$10.25/hour in general, $8.90 for employees serving liquor. . Regular wages do not include tips. Ontario Employment Standards Act 2000. Part 1 Definitions If your employer is paying you less than minimum wage before tips, it is illegal.

What is Australia's minimum wage?

Most workers are covered by an award, which may vary by employeeage, geographical location and industry. For adults not covered byan award or agreement, the minimum wages is A$16.37 per hour,A$622.20 per week; set federally by Fair Work Australia. Juniorworkers, apprentices and trainees not covered ( Full Answer )

What is the minimum wage of Taiwan?

\n\nhourly 109 NTD / 3,70 USD (29,37 NTD/USD) . monthly 18780 NTD / 639 USD . \nto be raised to 19047 NTD / 648 USD\n\n . from April 2013 on

Was ther a minimum wage in 1750?

Minimum wage is a modern concept and didn't exist in 1750. In 1750 a person earned whatever he could make off of his crops or labor. At the time 90% of the United States was farms so that was the way most people earned a living. There were no electrical companies, gas companies, TV or cable, car pay ( Full Answer )

What will be the new national minimum wage?

In the United States, President Obama recently raised the minimumwage for federal employees and federal contract workers to $9 perhour. This does not affect private employers, for whom the federalminimum wage remains $7.25. Many states have higher minimum wagelaws. In the 2014 State of the Union add ( Full Answer )

Does China have minimum wage?

yes, china does have a minimum wage but it is very low. Research showed that the lowest average annual income of the 183 countries and regions in the world is approximately US$6,078, while China's is only US$896.

Do the wage and tips have to equal minimum wage?

This differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In the United States, federally, the wage and tips have to equal at least minimum wage. Your employer HAS to pay you the difference of your tips from minimum wage, if you didn't end up meeting minimum wage. Example: If minimum wage is $8.00 and aft ( Full Answer )