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It was simply called the ".357 Magnum." More commonly known as the "Post-War Pre-Model 27." Your gun is a very early four-screw, made in 1956.

2006-07-29 21:59:07
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Where can you get a barrel for your Smith and Wesson model 1000 barrel?


Smith and Wesson barrel interchangeable 581?


Where can you buy a smith and Wesson model 3000 3 magnum ribbed barrel 30 barrel full choke?

I would start my search at Smith and Wesson first.

Will a mossberg slug barrel fit the smith and Wesson m1000?


Does smith and Wesson have a 4 inch barrel revolver?


What was the last year that Smith and Wesson pinned the barrel on their revolvers?

@ 1982.

How do you get off the barrel to a 357 magnum smith and Wesson?

You take it to a gunmsith.

Where you get tools to work on 357 Dan Wesson pistol?

common Allen wrenches but to remove the barrel or barrel nut look for dan Wesson parts i recently bought nut removal tool as a kit,

What does model 637-2 mean in S W 38?

In Smith and Wesson code, the 6 means the gun is primarily made of rust resistant stainless steel. The 37 designates the lightweight version of the model 36 .38 caliber revolver, and lightweight guns have aluminum frames. The -2 designation means that this revolver is the second version of this model. So 637-2 means a stainless barrel and cylinder on an aluminum frame based on a lightweight model 36 revolver in the second version (or first design revision) of this model which is designated model 637. The model 36 and model 37 Smith and Wesson revolver are 5 shot revolvers with a 2, 3, or (recently) a 5 inch target barrel. The 2 inch barrel is the most common version. The model 637 Smith and Wesson 5 shot .38 caliber revolver is only available in a 2 inch barrel.

Where can you buy barrel nuts for Dan Wesson model 15-2V?

Dan Wesson is now operated by CZ USA. Barrel nuts are available for about $15 plus shipping. See the link at the bottom of this page to link to the CZ parts page for Dan Wesson Revolvers:

What caliber gun is a smith Wesson serial 433248?

It should be marked on the barrel.

Smith Wesson Model 17 MasterPiece 8 38 barrel?


What is the barrel length of smith and Wesson model 39-2?

@ 4"

1974 smith and Wesson model 19 6 inch barrel?


What is the barrel length of a Smith and Wesson model 422?

4.5 or 6 inches

Does the smith and Wesson 270 have a free floating barrel or locked?

Free floated

What is the value of a 357 smith and WESSON WITH 4inch barrel?

20-1000 usd

What is the value of 357 Wesson with 4 inch barrel?

50-1000 usd

What is the barrel thread of a Smith and Wesson model 422?

You will need to ask a gunsmith

What is the value of a 38 sw special ctg stamped on right side of barrel 6-cylinder revolver no patent date left side of barrel smith and Wesson?

Age of smith Wesson serial no 5K4166

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson pistol with a serial number 85252?

What is the caliber, barrel length, finish, grip material, markings on barrel?

What is the weight of a smith and Wesson model 36-1?

19.5 oz. with 1.875" barrel, 21.4 oz. with 3" barrel

Where is the model number of a Smith and Wesson 357 mag snub 2 in stainless barrel?

Look on frame inside the cylinder area to find the model number of a Smith and Wesson 357 mag snub 2 in stainless barrel

What was the barrel length and brand of the 44 magnum in the film taxi driver?

It was Smith & Wesson Model 29 with 8 3/8" barrel.

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson model 19 6inch barrel?

100-500 USD