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We have a Ranger bolt action rifle with a model # 103-8. We do not know the age of our gun however.

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What is MIA designation?

Missing In Action

What is the Action Replay ID for Pokemon Ranger?

Action Replay ID for Pokemon Ranger = ARGE-05ee47df

Pokemon Ranger actrion replay?

Please write your question in a complete sentence. Examples: Is there an action replay for Pokemon Ranger? What is the action replay code for Pokemon Ranger?

Is a remington model 700 in 7mm-08 a long action or a short action?

The caliber designation of 7mm-08 is considered a short action.

Where is manphy?

in Pokemon ranger or action replay or trade

What is the Pokemon ranger shadow of alma game ID for action reyplay?

What is the Pokemon Ranger Shadow of Alma game ID for action replay?YP2P-52B529AD is the code.

How do you get manaphy on diamond without action replay or Pokemon ranger?

i think there is a way, my friend got manaphy and did not have Pokemon ranger. maybe action replay? i don't know, sorry.

How do you get manaphy egg with out Pokemon Ranger?

you use action replay.

How do you use cheat codes for Pokemon Ranger?

With an action replay.

What is a Pokemon Ranger cheat for ds with action replay?

there is no cheat...

Are the original power ranger action figures valuable?


Can you use action replay codes on Pokemon ranger guardian signs even do you don't have action replay?


How do you get manphy on Pokemon Platinum?

By Pokemon ranger/Pokemon ranger shadow of almia or by Pokemon modifier action replay code

Who made ranger model m36?

If your Ranger is a bolt action .22, it is likely a Marlin Model 80 made for Sears.

How do you get Manaphy in Pokemon HeartGold?

Manaphy is not found in the wild anywhere in the Pokemon world. You must trade a Manaphy Egg from Pokemon Ranger to get a Manaphy, or use a cheat of some sort (R4(i), Action replay, etc...)

How old and what is the approximate value of a bolt action box magazine 20 gauge shotgun labeled only Ranger 101-2?

The Ranger tradename was used by Sears Roebuck. Model 101.2 is the Savage model 238. You can't get an exact date on these, but it was probably sometime between 1945 and 1965. Value would be $100 or so.

What is the value of a 101.23 ranger bolt action rifle?


Is there a Walk through walls action replay code for Pokemon ranger?


Where do you find manify in diamond?

you hallf to have a action replay or Pokemon ranger

What are the ultimate Action Replay codes for Pokemon Ranger?


What caliber is a Ranger 101.4 bolt action?

The only Ranger 101.4s I've seen were shotguns, all chambered in .410 gauge.

What is the Action Replay ID code for Pokemon Ranger?

The Action Replay ID code for Pokemon Ranger is ARGP 3055b2d1 (for the Europe versions) and ARGE 05ee47df (for the American and Australian versions). The Action Replay ID code for Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia is YP2P 52b529ad (for the Europe versions) and YP2E 85fbcc13 (for the American and Australian versions).

What is the approximate age and value of a 22 lr bolt action made by Springfield J Stevens model 86 with the word Ranger beside the bolt and no serial number?

Age, I do not know. Value depends upon condition and where you live (demand). I would say most 22's of this caliber might be sold anywhere from $30-100. Not enough information. They are nice little rifles. Keep it and enjoy it.

How do you walk anywhere in platinum?

action replay cheat.

Pokemon move anywhere cheat?

You have to have action replay.