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2 moles in 0.5 liters will mean 4 moles in 1 liter. So the molarity is 4 molar.


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Sodium chloride is used to precipitate soaps from the solution.

You will obtain a sodium chloride solution in water.

Sodium chloride is added to increase the viscosity of the solution.

The sodium chloride will dissolve as it does in ordinary water.

A solution of sodium chloride will be formed. It will act as an electrolyte.

This is an isotonic saline solution; 9 g/L sodium chloride solution in water with added glucose.

Sodium chloride solution is corrossive for aluminium; first a layer of of aluminium oxide is formed.

It is a ionic compound. It makes water conductive.

Sodium chloride is added for deicing.

This solution is called salted water; salt is the solute and water the solvent.

1. Pour water in a beaker. 2. Add ordinary table salt (sodium chloride). 3. Stir. The concentration of the solution will depend on how much salt you added.

Sodium chloride is added to help soap precipitation.

When sodium chloride is added to a solution of silver nitrate (both are very soluble in water), silver chloride, which is only very slightly soluble, will precipitate.

A white precipitate of Silver(I) Chloride will be formed:AgNO3 + NaCl ----> AgCl ↓ + NaNO3

If 1.8 L of water is added to 2.5 L of a 7.0 M KOH solution, what is the molarity of the new solution?

what would magnesium chloride look like after the reaction MAGNESIUM + HYDROCHLORIC ACID --------> MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE + HYDROGEN

Because sodium chloride dissolved in water release the heat of solution.

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