What is the molecular shape of Si2H6?

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The molecular shape is as a bent.

the molecular shape of H2O2 is linear

The molecular shape of H2 is linear.

The molecular shape of SCl6 is octahedral.

The molecular shape for Carbon Tetrachloride is a tetrahedral.

The molecular shape of N2H4 is trigonal pyramidal.

The molecular shape of SOF4 is trigonal bipyramidal.

The molecular shape of C2H4 -ethene/ethylene is planar.

The molecular shape of the molecule depends on the molecule in question.

The molecular shape influence the chemical and physical properties.

Molecular orbital theory(MOT) provides information about both molecular shape and molecular bonding.

if molecular shape is symmatrical then its non-polar but if it is non symmatrical then its polar.

N2 ,molecular nitrogen, is a linear molecule with a dumbbell shape.

NH4^+ (ammonium ion) has a tetrahedral molecular shape.

Polarity of HF is nonpolar and it's molecular shape is linear.

Its shape is Tetrahedral.

The molecular shape of SCl2 is bent. Please see the related link below.

oxygen doesnt have a molecular shape unless you are talking about oxygen gas, then it is O-O.

The Molecular shape is Trigonal Planar and has a bond angle of 109 1/2 degrees.

Molecular sape is pyramidal.Electron geometry is tetrahedral

the shape is tetrahedral good luck

The molecular shape of H2 is linear.

its is a bent shapeIt's tetrahedral.

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