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It can be done, but it would require taking an integral for the moment of inertia of each particle of the disc... something i don't have the time to do right now ^^;

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Moment of inertia of hollow cylinder?

The moment of inertia of a hollow cylinder can be calculated with the help of the formula, I=0.5xMxRxR. Here I is inertia, M is mass and R is the radius.

The moment of inertia of a solid cylinder is?

the moment of inertia of a solid cylinder about an axis passing through its COM and parallel to its length is mr2/2 where r is the radius.

How do you derive the moment of inertia of solid sphere?

mass moment of inertia for a solid sphere: I = (2 /5) * mass * radius2 (mass in kg, radius in metres)

What is the relationship between Moment of inertia and radius of gyration?

I believe it is I = mk^2 where k is radius of gyration and m is mass.

THE MOMENT OF INERTIA OF A RING ABOUT ONE OF ITS DIAMETERIS L .ITS Moment of inertia about a tangent parallel to the diameter IS?

(1/2)mr^2 where m=mass r=radius

What is the moment of inertia of a circular disk rotating about an axis if the mass is m and radius is r?

The answer will depend on whether the axis isthrough the centre of the disk and perpendicular to its plane,a diameter of the disk, orsome other axis.Unless that information is provided, the answer is meaningless.

What is meant by Radius of gyration?

It is the square root of ratio moment of inertia of the given axis to its mass.

Calculate the moment of inertia for a frisbee mass 0.40kg radius 12cm?

.00288 kgm^2

What is the value of moment of inertia of ellipse about its centroidal axis?

If an ellipse has a radius A long the x-axis and B along the y-axis (A > B) then the moment of inertia about the x-axis is 0.25*pi*ab^3

If the moment of inertia of a ring of mass M and radius R .what is its diameter?

Its diameter is 2R, whatever the mass.

Radius of gyration of tubular steel of 60 mm diameter pipe?

radius of gyration = sqrt(Moment of inertia/cross section area) Regards, Sumit

What is the radius of gyration?

Radius of gyration is the distance from the centre of gravity to the axis of rotation to which the weight of the rigid body will concentrate without altering the moment of inertia of that particular body.

Define radius of gyration state s.i. units of moment of inertia and give its dimensions?

The Radius of Gyration of an Area about a given axis is a distance k from the axis. At this distance k an equivalent area is thought of as a line Area parallel to the original axis. The moment of inertia of this Line Area about the original axis is unchanged.

Moment of inertia of circular disk?

Depends on the axis considered. For the axis through the center perpendicular to the plane of the disk: I = m*r^4 /2, where r is the radius of the disk. For an axis through the center on the plane of the disk: I = m*r^4 /4

What are 2 ways to increase the moment of inertia?

One way would be to increase the mass of the object. Another would be to increase the radius of the arc.

Moment of inertia of a semi circular wire of mass m?

If we are considering the semi circular wire of mass m to have a relatively small cross sectional radius, r compared to radius of the semi circular arc, R And that we are considering the semi circular wire to lie in a xy plane. The mass moment of inertia taken about the z-axis (perpendicular to the plane) located at the cg position will be. Izz=m*(R^2)*(PI-(4/PI))/PI I did a check of this calculation with the way Catia calculated the same property. And the difference was found to be 0.03% When using the following geometry. density=0.000001kgmm^3 Semi circular wire Radius R =60mm cross sectional radius of wire = 1mm results from Catia V=592.176mm^3 m=0.000592176kg Izz=1.268159kgmm^2 hand calculated results V=592.176mm^3 m=0.000592176kg Izz=1.267835kgmm^2 % difference [((1.268159)-(1.267835))/(1.267835)]*100=0.03% Please carry out a check on the Izz calc. I determined it from 1st principles, so I may of made a mistake

What is a fracture in the distal portion of the radius?


Moment of inertia is a cross sectional property that gives the engineer an indication of the stiffness of a particular shape value can used to?

find the strength of the member subject to bending or shear. Moment of inertia is used to find radius of gyratia or flexural regidity so that member strength flexural stress is found

What is area moment of inertia of a hollow cylinder with inner and outer radius of r and R about the central axis?


What does rotational inertia depend on?

Mass and radius

Why does the coasting rotating system slow as water drips into the beaker?

Ans : By the formula of moment of inertia , I=mr2 (2=square) As by the formula it is clear that the moment of inertia depends on the mass and the radius of a particular body , so as the mass increases moment of inertia will considerably increase , So as the water drips into the beaker the mass of the beaker will increase By the law of conservation of angular momentum Moment of inertia is inversely proportional to the angular velocity ( omega ) , Since in the above case of coasting rotating system moment of inertia is increased so the angular velocity (omega) will also decrease and hence the coasting rotating system will now rotate slowly as compared to its rotation before dripping water !

What is the radius of a cylinder?

The radius of a cylinder is half the thickness of its circular cross section.

What is the radius of a football field?

A football field is rectangular, therefore there is no radius. If it were a circular shape then it would have a radius.

What is the radius of gyration of a 45 kg grindstone and a moment of inertia of 5 kg-m2?

I=mr2 therefore r = root (I/m) = root (5/45) = 0.333 recuring

What two quantities does rotational inertia depend?

mass and radius