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Currency in Bolivia: boliviano (BOB) It is the equivalent to eight soles or half a scudo in the former currency. Initially, it was subdivided into 100 centécimos but this was altered to centavos in 1870. The name bolivar was used for an amount of ten bolivianos. The boliviano was initially pegged at a rate of 1 boliviano = 5 French francs. On December 31, 1908, the currency was put on a new gold standard, with 12½ bolivianos = 1 British pound. A series of devaluations relative to the pound followed:

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What is money in Bolivia called?

There currency is called bolivianos.

What is the money system in Bolivia called?

There are actually two monetary units used in Bolivia; The US dollar and Boliviano currency. In fact, B1 = US$0.1427 in Bolivia today (2011)

What are the people from Bolivia called?

Natives from Bolivia are usually called Bolivians

What are people who live in Bolivia called?

Citizens of Bolivia are called Bolivians. Not all people who live in Bolivia are citizens.

How does Bolivia make its money?

Bolivia makes its money from mining. It has been famous for this since Colonial Times.

How do people in Bolivia make a living?

how do people in Bolivia make money

What are people from Bolivia called?

They Are called Bolivians

What form of money does Bolivia use?


What kind of money does Bolivia use?


What do people call their money in Bolivia?


Bolivia What is a beach party in Bolivia called?

Well I don't know, but considering Bolivia does not have any beaches.... that is a tough one.

Is Bolivia a state or country?

How Mitch money does the president have

What type of money does Bolivia uses?

The Bolivian Boliviano

What is a person from Bolivia called?

A Bolivian

What is type of money is used in Bolivia?

The main currency is the Boliviano

What export makes the most amount of money for Bolivia?


What nationality are people from Bolivia?

they are called Bolivians

What is the dusty plateau in Bolivia called?


About people in Bolivia?

The people from Bolivia are called Bolivians. Haggling over price when you are shopping in Bolivia is common and even expected. People in Bolivia love celebrating and enjoy parties. They hold many festivals throughout the year.

What is the national currency of Bolivia?

The currency of Bolivia is called to Bolivano (bs) 100 centavos make up 1 Bolivano

How do you make a necklace in Bolivia?

It is very popular in bolivia that people in bolivia they make necklaces to sale and to make money off of them they can make them for anyone they use diffrent materials that fit on the string they sometimes use noodles too they can use any materiale to make a necklace in bolivia!

What are some sports teams in Bolivia?

In FIFA soccer Bolivia has a team called La Verde (The Green one) they rank 51

Is there a lake in Bolivia called the red lake?

There is a lake in Bolivia that turns red with the number of microorganisms in it. It is better known as Laguna Colorada.

What country has two Spanish speaking capitals?

Bolivia. Bolivia is in South America and has two capitals called Sucre and La Paz.

What is the high plateau region of Peru and Bolivia called?

its the altiplano

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