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Around $2,000 a month

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Q: What is the montly salary for a fashion photographer?
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What is the montly salary if annual salary is 58590?

$28.17 per hour.

What is the starting salary for a fashion photographer?

well photographers in general get about $20,470 a year if that helps

What is the entry level salary for a photographer?

what salary do you get when you are a photographer

What is the Average salary of a software engineer in Malaysia?

montly RM3000

How much money do fashion photographers make?

In the United States, the average yearly salary for a fashion photographer is $59,000. Fashion photography is the kind of career where salaries can vary greatly.

What is the average salary for a photographer a year?

What is the average salary of a photographer a year

What salary do you get when you are a photographer?

The starting salary for a beginner photographer is around $$15 000.00 annually

What is the Amount of training to become a fashion Photographer?

there is no specific training for a fashion photographer. When you go to college you have to major in (i think) commercial photography. Then after that you will make yourself into a fashion photographer.

How much per year if salary 60000?

if your monthly salary is $60,000. Your yearly salary is $720,000. There are 12 months in a year, so you multiply your montly salary by 12.

What is the average salary for a photographer?

the average salary is about 42,000.

Salary of fashion designer at Dubai?

fashion designer salary in dubai

Salary range for a fashion journalist?

The starting salary for a fashion journalist is about 10,000. The salary of a professional fashion journalist is anywhere from 35,000-60,000.

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