What is the moon quote in the novel Dear John?

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"Wherever you are in the world, the moon is never bigger then your thumb."
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When was john dear SJ born?

All you have to do is search: John Dear, SJ born in google. . Here is the answer: . Dear was born on Aug. 13, 1959 in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.. www.swarthmore.edu/library/peace/DG201-225/dg201 dear .htm

Dear john by Nicholas sparks?

Are you asking if it's an AR Book ? Yes, it is, I've tooken it so yeah . I'm not sure if it answered your question though . . - :)

What happens at the end of Dear John?

well it's the same author as the notebook but in the end it's mostly like the note book so in the begining John dropped out of school and enlisted in the Army, not knowing what else to do with his life until he meets Savannah. Their attraction grows into the kind of love that leaves Savannah waiting ( Full Answer )

Who sang the song in Dear John?

If you're asking who sang that song from the Trailer, it's called; Set The Fire To The Third Bar by Snow Patrol

How does Dear John end?

In the end, John and Savannah don't end up together. actually , her and Tim do. after a visits one day john leaves her and says i can't c u anymore and then she starts crying. then john anonymously donates his dead father coin collection to help Tim survive. and he does. =)

How do you Respond to a Dear John letter?

it depends on how you feel. sometimes it's best not to respond. some people choose to come home and address it in person. some people write back angry letters. it depends on how you feel. be careful not to write something you might regret, though.

How does the movie Dear John end?

Savannah waits for someone at this Diner place, Most likely John . While John is outside trying to lock up his bike , Savannah see's him and she goes out and they hug .

What is the movie dear john about?

a romantic drama with channing tatum who falls in love with a young sudet who works at collage until he leaves home. One of the best and worst movies I ever saw. I was so excited to see it in theaters it looked so good and it was don't get me wrong, but the ending sucked. It leaves you hanging no ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to read dear john?

Well, I guess maybe 13 and up ? The book is all that good. Maybe except for that one part where there is like a Sexual scene. But there's not much to it really. It doesn't go into details or anything. I've read it, and I love the book ! It's a good book .

Dear John What happens in the end?

When Savannah is waiting for John in a Cafe. He's outside locking up his bike and when Savannah looks out the window she see's him, and she comes outside and they hug

Is Dear John a good movie?

The book was better than the movie i have to admit. but it was still a good movie but its a little confusing if you don't know whtas going on. the movie is just a skim of things with a twits on the book. so if that's your style give it a shot!!! but i totally recommend reading the book its written a ( Full Answer )

What is the ending of dear john?

When John locks his bike up Savannah is waiting for him, in a Cafe. Then when she looks out the window, she sees John and she comes out and they hug

Is dear john appropriate for children?

it has kissing and alot of it. I think sexual things too no. im twelve and i saw it. i mean we know all about that kind of stuff. so i guess it is up to you.

Is 'Dear John' a good book?

Dear John is the best book I have read in my life. I am in middle school and the book made me cry.

What happened at the end of dear johN?

i don't really remember what happened in the end of the movie BUT i read the book (which is WAY better then the movie i was very disapointed in the film) and in the book Savannah marries Tim and john learns that if he truly loves her knowing she's happy is good enough! Savannah still loves john but ( Full Answer )

In Dear John who dies?

John's Dad dies . In the book and the movie. But in the movie I guess Tim also dies .

Was dear john a horrible movie?

Many have called it a "big disappointment." However, we all have different tastes, so some people may like the movie.

What is Dear John the movie about?

it is about young love and how it is affected by long distance relationships; particularly ones impacted by war

Where can you watch Dear John?

You can watch it at the Movie Theaters, probably most likely online but in my opnion they don't really have good graphics, or you could wait for it to come out on DVD. Though, I'm not sure when it comes out yet, that wouldn't be until a few months later .

Anyone have a review on Dear John?

Well I have seen the movie, so obviously I do . I thought the movie was good. Just good, not great or anything really. I've also read the book myself, and I loved it. I thought the Movie was going to be great, but it kinda lead a disappointment to me. They didn't really follow the book, it's like th ( Full Answer )

In Dear John Savannah leaves who?

In the book she ends up leaving John because he made his choice to join the army again. So in the end, she ends up marrying Tim. In the movie however, she's with John. But it's kinda the same. She and Tim do get together, but I don't remember if they do get married or not. Because he already has a ( Full Answer )

How does Dear John end in the movie?

Savannah is waiting for John in a cafe. Consequently, John is outside of there while locking up his bike and Savannah looks out the window. Then at that time they both see each other. So she then comes out and they hug .

What happened in the ending of the novel Dear John?

It's night time and John is out back from his house. Backyard you could say. He looks over to Savannah and Tim's house. Consequently, Savannah comes out and then she looks up at the moon. John feels as if they were almost together again.

Was dear John a true story?

no, it was not real it was concerned to real fact but on the whole the story was not real.

Is dear john any good?

yup, I think this movie was good, I could relate to it. Im a movie fan, and i know what im talking about.

What songs are on the Dear John soundtrack?

Amber by 311 Things & Time by Wailing Souls Think of Me by Rosi Golan Excelsior Lady by The Donkeys Answering Bell by Ryan Adams Paperweight by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk Little House by Amanda Seyfriend and Marshall Altman Little House (Acoutsic Version) by Amanda Seyfried Saturday Nig ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics for Dear John by the Springfields?

Sit you down beside us And we'll take you back a while Marchin' down through Georgia And a-countin' every mile A handsome boy was John Maguire He set a hundred hearts on fire When he was marching through Georgia Don't look away Georgia Don't look away Georgia Annie from Atlanta said "Why John, yo ( Full Answer )

Why is dear john pg-13?

dear john is pg-13 for it's sexual content and i think it has a bit of swearing

What is the plot in dear john?

john is on a two week leave from the army, he meets Savannah and falls for her, he leaves and she goes back to school, they write letters to each other, but then he sees about 9/11. he reensigns and they don't write for a while. later, Savannah writes him a letter starting with dear john, and ending ( Full Answer )

Did harry cry in dear john?

yes he did he cried like a baby HARRY ROCCA lives in number 2 dry dell lane chesham hp5 2jt so you can also ask him yourself

Who are the minor characters in Dear John?

PLease note, I'm refering to the Dear John with the movie cover (the one with Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfiry) Susan- Savannah's collage friend:dating Brad (page 35) Randy- The guy Susan feels Savannah should date (page 35) Brad- Randy's friend (page 31) Tony- John's best army friend ( page 25) ( Full Answer )

What is the conflict in Dear John?

John was written back from Savannah that she had fallen in love with another man. She is to be married. The man turns out to be her best friend/neighbor.

What are some quotes from the novel unwind?

"They say it takes complete immersion in a culture to learn its language and its ways. It didn't take him very long to learn the language of the lost." ---- "we have no cause but chaos" ---- "You can't change laws without first changing human nature." "You can't change human nature without ( Full Answer )

How do you say dear in Yiddish - dear john?

"MY-neh TIE-eh-reh ..." . . . . . my dear If you're actually addressing a male, and for some reason you'reactually doing it in Yiddish, then it's "MINE-air TIE-eh-rare" ...

What is the rising action for dear john?

Rising action- 1.John saves Savannah's bag, when they don't know each other yet. 2.John and Savannah meet 3.They start dating and they fall in love 4.John goes back to serve in the army again 5.John comes back and everything is like it was 6.They both build a house that Savannah started for a fam ( Full Answer )

What do people say about Dear John?

Well I personally thought it was a very sad movie but was also very informational and touching at the same time.

What are the dear john letters from the book?

The first letter is: Member Since: February 28, 2010 Total Points: 163 (Level 1) Points earned this week: 1 Add Contact Block Best Answer - Chosen by Voters Dear John, There's so much I want to say to you, but I'm not sure where I should begin. Should I start by telling you that I love you? Or that ( Full Answer )

What are some quotes from the novel Casablanca?

Casablanca was a movie made in 1942. It's one of the most popular movies of all time, about a guy opening a gambling bar. The most popular quote is of course "Here's looking at you, Kid." and "Play it again, Sam."

What is the inciting incident in 'Dear John'?

When John and Savannah meet and fall in love in the time span of a couple of weeks. Their first argument is when Savannah suggests that John's father may be autistic. Then John leaves for his Army Special Forces job.

When was Dear John copyright?

There are hundreds of copyrightable works by that title. The Nicholas Sparks novel is from 2006.