What is the more poisonous -- land or sea snake?

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2011-09-14 11:09:42

This is not an easy answer. Snakes fall under two headings: land

snakes & sea snakes. Comparing toxicity, sea snake venom

exceeds that of land snakes, for sea snakes must hunt cold-blooded

prey (the successful rendering of which requires poison of a higher

toxic level than that required for warmblooded prey). Additionally,

sea snakes hunt in a dilute medium. Insufficient data exists on the

intra-genus toxicity of discrete sea snakes. Generally, snakes

employ two types of venoms: Neurotoxins (acting on nerves)

and Haematotoxins (acting on blood).

Among the neurotoxic land snakes, the Asian Krait is the

most poisonous snake of the world, surpassing even the King and

Speckled cobras. Cobras cause greater death among people, however,

due probably to their greater size and, thus, their higher volume

of venom delivery. Among the haematotoxic land snakes, the vipers

& pit vipers take the prize for the "most poisonous." A small

dose of viper/pit viper venom can produce typical haematotoxic

symptoms. A larger dose can kill instantly by stopping the heart.

The Gaboon viper combines both neurotoxic and haematotoxic elements

in its venom, making it particularly lethal.

All told, however, we might justifiably say that the sea

snakes are the most poisonous snakes in the world.

-- Yes, I agree, for the reason that sea snakes hunt in water

and need fast-reacting venom, so their prey won't get away.

the fierce or inland taipan of Australia one bite from this

snake yields 110mg enough to kill 100 people or 250000 mice 750

times more venomous than a cobra

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