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This is not an easy answer. Snakes fall under two headings: land snakes & sea snakes. Comparing toxicity, sea snake venom exceeds that of land snakes, for sea snakes must hunt cold-blooded prey (the successful rendering of which requires poison of a higher toxic level than that required for warmblooded prey). Additionally, sea snakes hunt in a dilute medium. Insufficient data exists on the intra-genus toxicity of discrete sea snakes. Generally, snakes employ two types of venoms: Neurotoxins (acting on nerves) and Haematotoxins (acting on blood).

Among the neurotoxic land snakes, the Asian Krait is the most poisonous snake of the world, surpassing even the King and Speckled cobras. Cobras cause greater death among people, however, due probably to their greater size and, thus, their higher volume of venom delivery. Among the haematotoxic land snakes, the vipers & pit vipers take the prize for the "most poisonous." A small dose of viper/pit viper venom can produce typical haematotoxic symptoms. A larger dose can kill instantly by stopping the heart. The Gaboon viper combines both neurotoxic and haematotoxic elements in its venom, making it particularly lethal.

All told, however, we might justifiably say that the seasnakes are the most poisonous snakes in the world.

-- Yes, I agree, for the reason that sea snakes hunt in water and need fast-reacting venom, so their prey won't get away.

the fierce or inland taipan of Australia one bite from this snake yields 110mg enough to kill 100 people or 250000 mice 750 times more venomous than a cobra

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Q: What is the more poisonous -- land or sea snake?
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Which is the most poisonous sea snake?

the most poisonous is the beaked sea snake

What is the most poisonous snake known?

The most venomous snake in the sea is the belchers sea snake. The most venomous land snake is the Inland Taipan found in Australia P.S.venomous snakes are not poisonous,they are venomous

Is black mamba more poisonous than black headed sea snake?

The answer is No. A black headed sea snake is way more poisonous than a black mamba. A black Mamba doesn't even rank in the top ten and a black headed sea snake does. You get bitten by black mambas more often, but that doesn't mean that the sea snake is less poisonous.

What is the world largest poisonous snake?

the largest snake: anaconda the most poisonous snake: Belcher's Sea Snake there are no largest poisonous snake in the world

How poisonous is the Belcher's Sea snake?

Extremely poisonous

Which is the moot poisonous snake?

Belcher's sea snake.

Is a land snake more poisonous than the sea snake?

Generally, no. The "toxicity" of a snake varies by species, but sea snakes as a group rank in the top tier. They're extremely venemous. Fortunately, most of them are fairly non-aggressive and easy to deal with.

Are there poisonous land snakes in Fiji?

The Bole Snake is the only venomous land snake in Fiji. There are also several species of venomous sea snakes in Fiji as well.

Sea snake that is not poisonous?

All species of sea-snake are venomous - it's how they subdue their prey !

Is the dusky sea snake poisonous?


Are aquarium snakes poisonous?

if you mean by sea snakes, than yes. in fact, sea snakes are the most venomous type of snake in the world. the 10 most toxic sea snakes are the belchers sea snake( world's most venomous snake 100 times more venomous than the common taipan) banded sea snake, yellow bellied sea snake, Dubois's Reef sea snake, stoke sea snake, olive sea snake, elegant sea snake, electic sea snake, Fiji sea snake

What is the most and very very very dangerous and poisonous snake in the world?

The most venomous snake on the planet is Belcher's sea snake, which is more venomous than the terrestrial taipan.

Most poisonous creature in the world?

Belcher's sea snake

What is the most poisonous sea snake in the world?

black momba

What does a sea krait snake and a tiger snake have in common?

they both like water and they both are poisonous

What type of snakes are there in Australia?

Australia has some of the world's most poisonous snakes. These include: * Eastern Brown snake * Red-bellied Black snake * Inland Taipan * Death Adder * Mulga, or King Brown * Copperhead * Gwardar * Coastal Taipan * Mainland Tiger snake * Peninsula or Black Tiger Snake * Mulga snake Some species of sea snake are also poisonous. Non-poisonous varieties include the Green tree snake and Carpet python. In all, there are about 140 species of land snake in Australia, and around 32 species of sea snake.

What is the most poisonious creature?

The most poisonous creature is the sea snake.

Can a non elapid snake be poisonous?

yes such as sea kreats and vipers

Do all reptiles live on dry land?

no for example sea turtle, marine iguana, sea snake and more

What is the most poisonous reptile?

"What is the most poisonous reptile?"The most poisonous reptile is the Belcher's Sea Snake.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Inland Taipan AKA Fierce snake is not poisonous at all. It is the most venomous however. No snake is poisonous. Venom and poison are two different things. Venom can do a multitude of harmful things to the body.

Why is that some sea snakes are more virulent than other land snakes?

Sea snake venom has to be extremely potent - since their prey needs to be subdued quickly to prevent it swimming away. Therefore, drop-for-drop, snakes such as Belcher's Sea snake are far more venomous than any land snake.

What is the poisinous snake in the world?

no such thing as a Poisonous snake. Venomous is the proper term. The World's Most Venomous Snake on landis the Fierce Snake AKA Inland Taipan. The World's Most Venomous Sea Snake is the Belcher's Sea Snake

Which continent has the more species of poisonous snake than non poisonous snake?

Australia has the highest number of venomous snakes of all the continents in the world, with seven of the world's ten most venomous snakes being found in the country. Of the 140 species of land snake and 32 species of sea snakes, around 100 are venomous. However, only about twelve of these could kill a human.

Is cobra snake more poisonous than sea snake?

Several sea snakes are know to be among the most poisonous snakes in the world. They are how ever ill equipped to bite people due to the structure of their mouth and and the positioning of their fangs. If measured the venom of certain sea snakes would be greater than that of even the most venomous cobras, but there are few if any records of people dying from a sea snake bite, the same can not be said about the cobra. Which sanke is more likely to kill you. The cobra

Are there more poisonous sea creatures than non - poisonous?

No. Non-poisonous sea creatures greatly outnumber poisonous ones.