Infant Mortality Rate

What is the mortality rate in the US for epilepsy?

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The infant mortality rate of the United States is 6 deaths per 1000 in 2013.

Philadelphia's maternal mortality rate 23.8 deaths per 100,000 live births compared to the US rate of 15.2 and Pennsylvania rate of 9.01.

The U.S is 33rd on the list for infant mortality.

what how does the U.S. rank in infant mortality before the age of 5?

US is more populated, now the bay boomers are aging, the US has more proportion of old person thanThe infant motality rate in Haity is 54The child mortality rate in Haiti is 72The infant mortality rate in USA is in 2008, 6.7 infants died per 1000 live births.The USA has the high crude mortality rate compare to Haiti crude mortality rate in the year 2000 is as a result of a higher proportion of old persons. And to avoid this problem, one should use age-standardized mortality rates.

The mortality rate of the Philippines is 4.92 in 2014.

Infant Mortality Rate is the death rate during the 1st year of life. Child Mortality Rate refers to the death of infants and children under the age of five.

Gonorrhea is not a deadly disease. It has a zero mortality rate.

Gonorrhea is not a deadly disease. Its mortality rate is zero.

current maternal mortality rate in India

What is the mortality rate of communicable diseases in the Philippines?

The mortality/survivle rate is approximatly 30-40%

what is the mortality rate of pulmonary tuberculosis in Philippines

The mortality rate of California is 587.9 deaths of 100,000 people.

The infant mortality rate of Japan is is 2 deaths per 1000 live births.

The mortality rate for a lumbar laminectomy is between 0.8% and 1%.

Infant mortality rate; 1,000 born/43.61 deaths

The long-term mortality rate for anorexia is estimated at around 10%

The infant mortality rate of Iraq is 28 deaths out of 1000 live births.

The highest birth rate is in China and the highest infant mortality rate is in Sierra Leone.

Mortality means to die. Everyone in every country dies, so all countries have 100% mortality rate.

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