What is the most attractive finding by a husband in his wife and by a wife in her husband?


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Mutual respect, fidelity, honesty and trust.

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It means that he likes you and he is telling your husband that your husband is lucky to have you as a wife. That means he is praising your husband. Telling him he did good finding you as a wife.

If your husband is spending more time with his friends wife than he is with you then it is highly possible he could be attracted to her. It is also possible they may just be friends as he is with her husband so don't jump the gun yet. It is very important that husband and wife have good communication skills and since you are suspicious and curious as to whether he finds his friends wife attractive then you should sit down with him and express your feelings about it. Be wise and also realize that your husband finds you attractive and still loves you, but it is normal that even a husband can find in a group of your friends a woman that is attractive and as long as it's 'look and don't touch' then everything is fine.

It is either. If you are the husband your spouse is your wife. If you are the wife your spouse is your husband.

No, it is not a mistake to tell the husband his wife was having an affair with your husband. However, some wives can be in denial and they may not believe their husband is cheating, but most do.

wife - "main chain" husband - "big pig"

Husband and wife relationship is called a marriage.

spouse means husband or wife.

Most women would question the motives of the caller and then confront their husband. Some women, however, would track down the caller and try to do harm to them.

A husband is called a WIDOWER when his wife dies.

Of Course husband and wife can bathe together.

This is a very subjective question. Everyone will feel differently about it. Many people would say their husband or wife is the most attractive person. Still others would say that their favorite actor or actress is.

Not in the U.S., or most other countries for that matter.

husband = ba'al (בעל) wife = eesha (אישה) husband and wife = ba'al ve'eesha (בעל ואישה)

Term 'CONSORT' can be husband or wife of a ruler

When a husband dies the wife is called his widow.

No. A husband with a cheating wife is called a cuckold.

can a husband drop wife from insurance if not divorced.

A synonym for husband or wife is spouse.

I do not think "atrractive" has any negative connotation. I would happy to have an attractive job and an attractive wife.

I'm afraid not, because the wife will have the lingering notion and it will affect her ability to perform to her husband. Two scenario for this one is, if this couple stays together, the wife is the one that will experience the flashback of what her husband did. She will wonder how her husband made love to his affair partner. She will wonder how his affair partner satisfy her husband. This is one thing that most husband who had the affair never thought of, how it will affect and destroy his wife.

No they are not still husband and wife once the divorce is finalized.No they are not still husband and wife but they are still brother and sister.

Yes. The husband would be the sole owner of the property and could leave it to his wife in his will.

most likely its because he is jealous of her.

The courts determine how financial assets are split between husband and wife. For the most part, each part gets half.

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