What is the most best name for a kid?

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That is a pesonal opinion... but my fave would be Jarry
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Best soccer cleats for kids?

Answer . Well there are many good cleats. For Example: F50's Predators Total 90 Strike Shoots or Laser, my favorite would be Vapors but the best for kids would be The Total 90 Shoots

Who has the most kids?

The wife of Feodor Vassilyev, in Russia, 1700s. She gave birth to 69 children in 27 confinements, with 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. Two of her children died in infancy.

Who had the most kids?

One guy had 31 wives and 91 babies in Dominican republic One guy had 31 wives and 91 babies in Dominican republic In Egypt, in BC. a Pharaoh had 91 kids with different wives (I am not sure how many wives he had) . Chinggis khan probably had the most kids , because half of Mongolia descended fr ( Full Answer )

Best kid name girl and boy?

Hmm, well WikiAnswers isn't the best for opinions, but if you want my opinion, the best kind of names are the unusual ones. Think about it, if you have a very common name, like Tom, chances are no-one will comment saying 'that's a beautiful name!' if many other kids are called it. But, if you have a ( Full Answer )

What are the best websites for kids?

You should really try austinanddevon.webs.com. Kids around the pre teen age group really like it. Another thing is it isn't run by huge companies and is actually made FOR kids. The site is just taking off and really needs some members, so they will welcome you with open arms!!! The site has extremly ( Full Answer )

What is the best lacrosse shoes for kids?

soccer or football cleats, football because they can be hightops and can help prevent rolling your ankle or if your kicked you have more protection soccer because they weigh less and if theres mud they don't get stuck in the mud as easily.

What is the best electric guitar for kids?

If it is for music training and artistic development, based on the age, a full guitar size and something classic like a Fender or Squire stratocaster, maybe even a knock-off provided it is well designed and does not inhibit learning. It is more difficult for a child to make the transition to a guita ( Full Answer )

Who was Kid Lester in the best of times?

Kid Lester was a boxer from Taft, CA. One of the early fighters on the West Side about 1910 and in his teens Lester was a heavyweight. His higher profile fights were fought 1939/1940 in California where he was classed as Welterweight. Taft is the main city featured in the movie, and Lester was s ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular kid names?

The most popular kid names can not be determined at this point. Maybe by the end of 2009 doctors can tell us the most used name at their hospital. There are many rare and common kid names so there is no telling which is most popular without proof.I finally found it IT'S ROBERT.

Most best girl names?

Alexis Angela Alyssa Maddy Madison Katy Alexandra Sophia Bella liliana alison addison jocelyn Megan Anika Taylia Kara Katie Amanda Marni

What are the best names to call your kids?

If your first is a her shulammite is the best. If your first is a he Peter is the best. If your secound is a her Bethel is the best. These are all the rest. sally James sharpy Ryan Hannah Oliver Sean Sam Mike Tracy Victoria Catherine (Katherine) Puppy Grace Maria ( Full Answer )

Best age for a kid to get a phone?

The best age to get your child a phone is maybe 7th or 8th grade. You want them to be responsible which means limiting them to texting and calling. You may want to start them off with the basic "emergency calling" only. Then when you feel that they are mature or responsible enough give them the othe ( Full Answer )

What is the best kids mountain bike?

Well, as with any bicycle, the "best" is going to be something you piece together yourself. No one manufacturer puts the best of every component all together on one frame. Also, what may be "best" to one person may not be best to another. Probably the best out-of-the-box kid's MTB is going to be th ( Full Answer )

What is the best name to name your kid?

girl called Alice. Say Alice, Oliver (sounds old but i like it) or Benjamin (also old sounding)or Ayje (pronounced like Asia without the 'uh' part.plz dont steal it)

What is the best punishment towards most kids?

a spanking or grounded i get spanked when i am bad A:2 Take away their privileges for a period of time and restrict them from doing the things that they love as a demonstration of what happens when someone disobey the rules. A:3 Parents should use corpran punishment on their kids and th ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to get cigars if you are a kid?

Well, if you are younger than 18 you are not old enough to purchase or possess cigars. Since we do not answer questions that assist in breaking laws, you will just have to wait 'till you are older.

What is the best Kid shows?

iCarly . Suite life on deck . Hannah Montana . BTR (Big Time Rush) . Victorious . Good Luck Charlie . Shake It Up . Jessie . Wizards Of Waverly Place . ANT Farm . so random . Spongebob . True Jackson VP . Fairly Odd Parents

What is the best game for kids to play?

The wii is the best video game Whiz Kid - the best educational Android game for kids Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mobiwolf.whizkid

What channel is the best for kids?

i would have to say Disney channel and pbs kids not nick because sometimes its inaprrpiate or says swears

What type of pet is best for kids?

I would say dogs. They are very friendly and most breeds enjoy the playing with kids. Just choose your breed wisely.

What is the best lizard for a kid?

The best lizard is one that the 'kid' has done some research on - so they know how to look after it properly !

What is the best publishing website for kids?

For the year of 2011, it is kidsites.com which may also help you find new kids websites. For girls i would recommend Gosupermodel.com. For boys Hotwheels.com. For all kids wWebkinz.com is definetly great.

What is the best Halloween movie for kids?

While not intended for the Halloween audience- it was released in November of l997, I can"t help think that Anastasia would fill the bill. Comrade share my body heat, you"ll wear a crown some day, and Stacy left for parts unknown, the truth we can"t evade- a little distorted in facts- but Stacy and ( Full Answer )

Why was billy the kid best known for?

He was best known for being a Outlaw! He killed 9 people during his years, He started at age 16 and then was killed at age 21! I'd say what he was best known for was killin a sheriff

What is the best breed for a kids horse?

ouch... I think a gray... Gray is not a breed, its color. There is no specific breed that is good for a kids horse, but there are many different kinds. For a kids horse you want a smaller horse. So, a horse or pony that is about the child's height with a calm disposition will be perfect. Don't worry ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to discipline your kids?

depends on how old they are: 0-1 - say "no" 2-4- a few small pats on the but, and time out 5-8- ten spankings with hand, paddle, or belt. 9- keep spanking hard until they stop crying, and make them wirte an appology letter. 10-12- grounded for a week, chores. 13-15- no t.v or computer privliges for ( Full Answer )

Is there a best place to raise kids?

Any place reasonably safe should be fine. i think the guidance & home environment they have is far more important than the locale.

Which are the best dsi kids games?

All Mario game's here's an e.g: Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, Mario 64. But I love to play FIFA 2010.

What is the best breed of chickens for kids?

all of my bantams except sebrights have been good with all my friends ( yes im a kid) id recommend silkies, mine acts like a baby and follows me at my feet.

What are the best kid parkour shoes?

So, the best shoes are probably the K-Swiss Parkour Style shoes. You can buy them over the internet for about $60.00 which is considerable if your a serious parkour addict, these are the best bet.

Is Scallyroo the best website for kids?

Yes. Scallyroo is my fave site because its strictly for kids and its safe. I prefer a site called MEET ME AT THE CORNER, Virtual FIeld Trips for Kids.

What is the best jeopardy website for kids?

The Jeopardy TV Show does not have a website for Kids. Others are Jeopardy like or even some are Official Jeopardy Games. The is a Jeopardy TV show related link added under the related links below the answer

Who is kid cudi's best friend?

I dont know his name but he was stabbed to death when he was playing basketball and the bullies took the ball and got in a fight with him and kid cudi and stabbed kid cudis friend

What is the best airsoft gun for a kid?

Well that depends on what kind of "kid" they are.If they are new to the game of airsoft,I would not go overboard on the price you pay for the gun,you don't want to spend $300-$500 on a humans then find out you/they do not like the sport.I would recomend a crossman,or d-boy,something like that.Then i ( Full Answer )

What are the best log in websites for kids?

Moshi monsters is the best website for kids and to log in! There is no better game then moshi monsters. If you are a fan of club penguin you are wrong!

Which is the best rated kids camera?

The Fisher-Price Kid-tough Digital Camera has been reviewed with the best durability and picture quality. The picture quality was compared favorably with every other leading model of kids cameras.

What the best kid movies in the world?

Different strokes for different folks. When I was a kid, I preferred stuff dealing mainly with adults- stories about the Air Force, submarines, even an occasional technical-oriented documentary. When I was really young, maybe about 7 or so I did like some juvenile-oriented fictions but not all. I ha ( Full Answer )

What is the best best song for kids?

hey my name is joe and i work in a button factory and one day my boss came up to me and said joe i said yo are you busy i said no push the button with your left hand hey my name is joe and i work in a button factory and one day my boss came up to me and said joe i said yo are you busy i said no push ( Full Answer )